Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On this Marriage tip


so im at work and crawling Bella Naija, when i came across this

its ok, you dont have to click the link, i am going to tell you what happened there.

so basically the writer got this bbm broadcast

Emeka and his wife Ada have been living in a supposedly rented duplex in VI for the past ten years. He just recently discovered that for the past 10 yrs, the house they had been living in belonged to his wife and they had been paying rent to an agent with normal yearly increases and the money goes to Ada. What would u do if u were in Emeka’s shoes?

And she requested commenters views.

and we all know how dramatic BN commenters are by now. if you dont know, there is a nice box of last waiting for you.

so basically these are my 2 most favourite comments ( i know that didnt even sound right to me)

Tiki October 19, 2011 at 7:05 PM

If I was a man, and Ada’s husband, that marriage is over. Let me tell you why.
1. For Ada to be the landlady, and not tell him, is pure deceit and greed. I assume that the man contributed to the rent, and maybe even paid all of it. I assume that there were days when paying the rent was a problem, and they had to go without some other thing to be able to afford it. I mean, the BBM talks about normal yearly increases. Not only did Ada sit by her husband and murmur platitudes when he worried about the rent, but she did that while snickering ‘You go pay my money, whether you like it or not’ in her heart. I bet you she even encouraged her husband to go without something he really wanted, so that he could pay the rent…to her.
2. For Ada to team up with an agent, and use the agent as a front to collect rent from her husband, is the worst kind of disrespect ever. NOBODY can tell me that the husband was never an object of ridicule behind his back , for paying rent to his wife without his knowledge. How can you love someone, and humiliate them like that, moreso in front of strangers?
3. I don’t care if she bought the house, built it, or inherited it. If she had property, it is her place to tell her husband. It is women like this who make marriage hard for other honest ladies who are willing to give it their all. If you cannot trust your guy, why marry him? especially, why marry him THEN deceive him? Does that make you better or worse than him? Why marry somebody, exchange bodily fluids, tie your life to theirs and make them the parent of your children, share spiritual, emotional, and yes financial ties…and you can’t tell them you have property?
I don’t care how many times Ada may have been hurt – she should value her marriage and her husband, more than she values her bank balance. Period.

ps. everything I just said, would equally apply if the shoe was on the other foot.

second one.

Lailai!!! We are looking at their lives from outside. No one knows what she saw in him that made her decide to do such. For her to have done that for 10yrs could mean all through out their marriage something was up, and she had to make sure they were on leveled grounds without him knowing. Or she didn’t know how to break the truth to him, and in order to keep up the charade, she had to increase the rent according to the market price that way he won’t be suspicious. It happens.
Sometimes, men can be a bit mull-headed about things. Maybe from the beginning, he couldn’t afford a home in VI, and she didn’t to live else where…thus the beginning of the lie (selfish, yup). Or maybe he wanted a home badly in VI and could not afford it, so she concocted a lie to make him happy.
Many men are very uncomfortable when the wife is the wealthier one in the family. Even worse, the owner of the home. So really, if the case were that she did it mainly to keep his pride in check and allow him to be the MAN of the home, then it was a selfless act.
When you think about it from that point of view, the man should be thanking his God. Assuming she wasn’t bugging him for cash, the money he paid yearly for their home would probably go in to feeding allowance, kids clothing, upkeep of their home, and cash to take care of her personal expense. Some don’t realize that once they sum up the total amount of the petty cash that goes out of their pocket every week to maintain their homes, it surpasses the cost that goes in to renting their home.

ok i lied, i have 3. this is the absolute bestest one!

Will October 19, 2011 at 8:06 PM
The reason why he has not built his own house is the same reason why he is living in a rented apartment secretly owned by his wife. The fact that she can conveniently & confidently do this means one thing, she is in absolute control. Further justifying my suspicion that some concoction from the underworld has been involved all along. Look, this case is ver simple! Emeka is married to the devil, whose only mission is to steal, kill & destroy! Only God can deliver him enerstly from this folly, for him to ever make it in life. Sigh*…………………………………WOMAAAAAN!

trust them to involve jazz. gatta love Nollywood effect.

actually there are a lot more. you know what BN consider this PR. yall should click the link

there it is again. incase yall are exactly like me and too lazy to scroll up.

My Opinion.

Emeka should be thankful. Very thankful.

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