Saturday, July 10, 2021


 I set an out of office and I am leaving my laptop behind.

All the best to everyone who expects anything from me this week.

Na God hand e dey for now.



 If the last two posts seemed incomplete,

it is because they are.

Popped by here to get my thoughts down and update yall on what has been going on with me,

not much. Currently on Vacation and since I couldn't waste all the money I spent on my ticket to the US, which by the way was a gift from my mother for all the work I did for her last year, I decided to visit Jamaica.

I do not want to talk about my visa experience because thinking about it still annoys me, but Nigerian travel agents do not know more than lies & disgrace, but if you decide to use them sit on their necks.

Because of how hurried this trip was ( I literally went from work to the airport, and I promise myself it'll be the last time I EVER do it again- God willing) I couldn't get my full body wax.

ashe I came to america and still somehow forgot to get the wax. anyway I'm going to try veet or something, Haven't done it in years and my prayer is that I don't set myself back a thousand years with ingrown hair.

But lets talk about Jamaica.

Actually lets not, I'll talk about it on my travel blog, because i have so much to share and I have been dragging my feet. LOL.

Just popped in to say I really like my job, wish I stopped leaving things till last minute- Like my laptop sleeve because I do not want to carry a back pack tomorrow. and now I have none/ welp.

But I am so HAPPY I'm going on this vacation.. I am actually thinking of leaving my laptop and going without it, ha.

Either way. Hope you are all well and keeping your head above water.

Oh also I started swimming really good now. so I'm super proud of that. ha.


 It has been a while since I did a currently post so I thought instead of doing the work my employer has paid me to do, why not do something else instead.

Listening non stop to this album. 

I absolutely LOVE this album. before I went to Trinidad I never listened to Soca music because I was ignorant. point blank; anyway this way album is great, and the memories attached to this are very great and I will never ever ever trade them for anything in the world.

Cause you're the reason I believe in love
For all them things I thank yah
You stand by meh no matter the rivers turn we live and learn for
Everything well ah thank yah always around and I thank you greatlyyy
For giving this energy You give me that energyyy


The most fascinating book about money and psychology of why people move the way they do with their money. Personally I have always been fascinated with the intersection of money and psychology and I have been interested in finding out if the maxim " how you do one thing is how you do all things" applies to people and their money. Because I be moving hella mad sometimes on certain things but my money has me like- NAH.

So its interesting to read this book. 


Very slowly, my finance column, I really want to build that body of work but let me tell you. It's not easy.

Also not writing my tiny letters, because when people say, shey you have been looking for work now you have found work, they were talking about me.


My ass off for my employers, and it feels like I'm juggling many balls for them and they keep throwing in more balls for me.


about my new nails. I have decided to get my nails sh

Stressed but Blessed



When I say I have been stressed the fuck out. WIUN.

So this week is the culmination well the penultimate culmination of all the work we ( when I say we I mean myself & my mum) towards her presidency and we are running helterskelter to make sure it is a huge success.

My mother is driving me UP THE WALL. my siblings are making me want to pull my hair out and then I have work obligations that are making me regret taking a whole week off, but it is what it is o.

The work must get done.

I actually really like my job, I love my boss, and my co-workers while they'll never really be my friends, I enjoy working with them so much.

My boss was telling me how I have warmed myself into everyone's heart and now they do not know where I am during the day.

I'm like ehnnnn.

I am always available o. Faffing but available. 

Also discovered the amazon short essays and I really like them.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Talk about your siblings

 I have two biological siblings, as per same mother same father. An older sister and a younger brother.

so I am sweet in the middle.

I have two step sisters from my dad's second marriage that I do not have a relationship with.

I have an older step brother from my father, who is older than my sister and who we found via hi 5 maybe 15 years ago on a family vacation to atlanta.

From my mothers husband, I have 7 step siblings as in he had 7 children before they got married all older than myself ( I think), actually I do not think too much about them because they only come for parties and stuff. But they are really sweet and have a ton of children so anytime they come to visit its like daddy day care in the house. Super cute except I keep wondering 7 children... when it's not like you are captain von trap.

So my two older siblings. My older brother is really sweet, he is an only child so he makes concerted effort to keep in touch with my sister and I indvidually. When I was 25 and went to miami and ended up at the strip club moving like a billionaire, he was the one who some how knew that miami was gonna slid me into that sort of situation and sent me $150. A Godsend that boy. Also when my sister had a baby, he was the drove down for 2 days with his wife and 2 girls to see them both and stayed for a weekend. Absolutely nothing like my father.

My sister, though she is older than me, I have found myself looking after her a lot. She doesn't like to do what is neccesary for growth, but I feel like 2021 is the year she gets a rude awakening.  As much as I love her, I maintain if she was not my sister, I dont think I'd have been her friend at all. I'd actually avoid her like a plague.

My baby brother, is the real prince who at 30 was still having his dinner brought up in a tray to his room, is really a fun guy. super selfish but very fun- my work around for this is never having to ask him for anything. Also always asks me to tell my mum when he has dropped the ball so she doesn't kill him. I always indulge him because- Why not?

Because of how much co-mothering I have done for both my siblings, having children is really not an exciting Idea for me. It's a lot of work and little gratitude for all that work. I know because I definately do not thank my mother enough, even though I am a grateful kid. I know I can do more.

Whenever I tell my mother I don't want kids, she calls me selfish, I want to remind her that I co-parented with her, and have already raised kids without the benefits of motherhood & all the responsibilities. But I don't because dem born me well.  

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Best friend


I hate best friend prompts for a myriad of reasons, top of which is I do not have a best friend.

Asides the fact that people bore me and I tend to find myself outgrowing friendships rapidly the concept of bestfriend-ship isnt one on my radar.

However I have a RANGE of close friends who I love to dearly, these are women and men who I'd go to war for at any moment because they will do the same for me at once.

Literally no thinking required.

these are people who have very similar values with me when it comes to money, respectability politics, and generally not taking themselves too seriously.

I absolutely ADORE, how most of them think, how hardworking they are, how much fun I have with them while doing nothing and honestly how great they are TO ME.

Barring the fact that they are YET to throw me a surprise birthday party, my close friends are perfect, I'm not one to want many things but somehow they give and give and give me so much. I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

Monday, March 8, 2021

International Womens Day, Meghan and Me

 I loved Meghan. and I will defend her with a million times more vim than my mother defended Diana.

Now that is out of the way... I watched that interview, The Oprah one with Meghan & Harry and I thought.

my people are not really right, when they say you can have a useless husband but not useless inlaws, they didnt consider the fact that a man might actually stand up to his parents and family and do what the bible asked him to do and become one.

Honestly, i've never rated Harry. Ever. even William sef. But I'm like these are men who have never been tested ever. and have been protected by the institution of the british monarchy so much that even if they want to go- how dem wan take do am?

Turns out I could not have been wronger about Harry. I am IMPRESSED. Harry moved countries, got cut off, had his security taken away- WENT TO LIVE IN TYLER PERRY'S HOUSE.

God in heaven will bless him.

Anyway this is a good message to women to always have their own and have something doing. See how Meghan has leveraged her contacts, and her past work experience to settle them into their new lives.

See how they are flourishing.

Anyway this is a fantasic reminder that bad things DO not happen when women are in positions of power.

When women have options, they uplift not only themselves but everyone around them, even Harry said it, he would not have been able to get out if Meghan hadn't come into his life.

I wish them both nothing but joy and happiness and a fairytale ending so lush that we can not even imagine.

That being said- What are you choosing to challenge?

For me its the lie that bad things happen when women have money, when in actuality its the opposite.

So I'm dragging a few of my girlfriends into the US stock market with monthly contributions.

because we are moving to where the money reside this 2021.

I mean prince harry is living off the money Princess Diana left him, imagine if he didn't have that?

Only Good things happen when women have money.

Also, how are you celebrating yourself today?

I'm letting a man cook me a surprise dinner, fingers crossed its not noodles and penis as dessert.

But hope you have a great day, and remember you do not need to have done or achieved anything to be celebrated today.

All you have to do is be a woman and boom!

Happy international womens day!


 I set an out of office and I am leaving my laptop behind. All the best to everyone who expects anything from me this week. Na God hand e de...