Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I hate

I hate when i watch a movie or an episode of a Tv series im currently watching

reminds me of the lover.

Im currently watching the White Collar.

and season 3 episode 8 Neil Caffery( a con artiste) also the character whom the series

is built around has a love interest. Sarah( insurance repo).

basically she finds out that he stole art worth millions and then left him.

but before she walked out, he said to her" you knew who i was before we got involved"

and she said " Yes, you live in the clouds, while i live on 34th street"

and she walked out.

A lot of times When i argue with the lover, it comes down to this.

Me knowing he was a certain way and deciding to date him and him getting mad because

i hate that he is a certain way 4 years later.

I dont know if im making any sense.

But i wonder if the next time we have an argument and he brings up the " you know this is who i am line"

i would be strong enough to be like sarah.

and walk away.

and i probably wouldnt be able to.

And. I. Hate. That.

White collar is amazing btw.

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