Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cater to you.

Excuse the corny-ness.

The lover and I were off to see a movie today.

But by 5pm, he bb'd me and said Badnews.

I said "what?"

And thot probably working late or sthg.

Apparently Arsenal was playing.

So I said bye.

He said "ahn so you won't come and watch with me"

Funny, I wasn't so sad. I actually didn't mind

Not seeing the movie.

So when he said please stop by Park and Shop and get me popcorn.

I was like cool stuff.

I actually didn't mind.

So I thrEw in cake- I promise I didn't eat any.

And small chops, Which I'm taking back home because popcorn was just ok.

My point is this - there was no resentment.

I actually kind of enjoyed shopping for the game.

Even tho it was a shit game.

Because let's face it. Arsenal is a Shit face team.

I mean only good thing was all the hair styles.

Those negros get creative with their hair styles.

They are def winning on that turf.

So basically i was happy to cater to my man.

baby steps. baby steps.

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