Saturday, September 17, 2011

Children of these days

are totally clueless and so facking spoilt. its amusing.

and embarrassing to the parents.

for instance. my12 - sorry 11 and 9month old cousin- doesn't know the story about the 10 virgins.

from the bible o, before some of my readers start getting excited.
anyways so I asked her. i actually said Mena, tell me about the 10 virgins in the bible. she started:

so the seven bridesmaids were waiting for Jesus to come...

im def sending my kids to a Christian school. at least it would be compulsory for them to know the bible.

not like this helps tho, i Know quite a number of girls that went to FA and turned out to have quite a number of sex tapes.

- im just saying.

but i think the world is too wicked to not take your child to church.- Segun

my friend tweeted that earlier. i agreed.

on to more exciting newssss.

*insert fire works here*

i know i know im not supposed to be taking stuff i dont need anymore from the Mother.

but this bag- love at first sight. i mean i actually transferred all my stuff into it instantly- just incase she changed her mind- and decided to give my sister.

#side note: Major shout out to people who stay giving the mother gifts she would never use. God would make you people bigger.

so at the spa this AM.the lover saw the bag and said " i thought you had stopped buying things?"

i said oh the Mother blessed me with it this morning, he replied " so because you didnt want her to change her mind you sharply started using it"

i hate how he knows me so well.

on a mini review about the spa we went to.

well. it sucked. we went to the Make up den on Awolowo road. and the service was poor.

a one hour aromatherapy massage lasted only 40mins and it was fucked.

anyways thats what he said- me i havent gone. lol

i dont feel so bad because i got the deal of

this isnt even free pr. its a good site with a lot of deals that i have taken advantage of.

i mean there is a lot of misrepresentation but since im a cheap skate. anything close to what i asked for i take. with glee too.

speaking of glee. havent watched that show in ages, im obsessed with Madmen and entourage.


after the poor massage, i invited the lover over to lunch at mine and to watch the match- a probably give him another massage with a happy ending- lol jk.

basically to pacify him for the poor massage. he declined.


that team is a waste. hiaaaaaaaan.

offcourse i watched the game, with my sister and husband- both arsenal fans, and i mocked them.

#random? why is Yakubu so fat? like how can one be a footballer with all that training AND STILL BE AS FAT AS OYINKAN????

and yes i realise you all dont know who she is- she is fat. that would be all you need to know*

speaking of fat.

i hate what my body looks like now.

i need to get myself into the gym.

because im almost 6 feet, any unnecessary weight would mean i would end up looking like khole k. and the good lord in heaven knows i do not want that.

i mean i am not painfully thin anymore thank God. but i do not want to be looked at in expectation when that sound sultans Orobo - abi gorodom(sp?) jam comes on at the club to dance and whine my waist like gorodom.

ok you get my point.

i sha need a gym bra to go to the gym and work out. i mean what good is a skinny waist with breasts touching your knees?

i'll tell you- NONE.

it would profit me nothing 2 be skinny and lose my perky twins in the process.

Tomorrow is my church Harvest.
My mother saw my outfit and said, i should be free all these small girl clothes now and he sewing skirts and blouses, because apparently i am now marriage-able.

my mothers new obsession with marriage is amazing.

because a part of me- i dont think wants to get married.

even though i am obsessed with aso-ebi.

i think today is My fathers birthday.

im not to sure.

it actually is- i just went to ask my mum.

her reply " how did you remember"

this life- the strangest things happen. i swear.

* Oyinkan is really not fat. but she isnt a skinny bitch either.
but she keeps saying my face looks like shit- which is a lie from the pit of hell btw- so this is a mini payback.xx

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