Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is the 1st of September.
wake me up when September ends somebody.

I am unhappy away from home.
i know at this age no one is supposed to falling home sick- but i am home sick.
and terribly so too.

i miss my Mommy. :(

but i may be going home soon. so i think i quite happy about that.

I also miss the Lover.

I think sleeping alone takes a toll on me. :(

One of the reasons i cant wait to get married - is having some one in my bed every night.

i think i'm still a little afraid of the dark.

Well other reasons i cant wait also include
- having someone to cream my back- hard to reach areas
- having someone to dote on.
-having someone elses money to spend. :)
and always having someone to talk too till i fall asleep.

offcourse these are my reasons- asides all the other regular recreation reasons and blah blah

funny i dont think Love is as important in marriage as people make it out to seem.
like love pays bills.

anyways i miss the Lover.

i have no idea how i am going to cope when i leave for my masters.

which should have been this month.

smh at my procastinating self.

i feel berra already.

the Girl on the rhythm fm in Abuja- her faux accent is probably the reason she will die a spinster.

yes its that horrible.

Anyways my manager is coming today!!!!!!

something to drink to.

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