Monday, August 22, 2011


everything on my blog is titled random.

Anyhoos after church yday i ran into tow people i hadnt seen it aeons.

Harold and Ada. pleasant surprise.

i like seeing old friends- i suck at making new friends. actually new friends dont really like me.

im a meanie. but my old friends get me.

*group hug to all my old friends*

so i have a wedding soon- and i dunno if i should sew my dress in this city?

or wear sthg else?

or go to lagos and force my darling zubi to sew for me?

decisions, decisions.

last week someone broke into my account and emptied it- thank you Gt bank.


i should stop depicting disgust spitting. that in its self is tres disgusting.

been looking for the secret lives of baba segi's wives- FOREVER!!!!

and apparently its in the Hub at palms- *spits*

since i have no idea what the damn book looks like- im lost.

i promised my sister a play book if she gets a distinction in her masters- off course she should want that- but a little incentive wont hurt.


that movie is deep abeg- by deep i men rolling in the depth of evil-ness. ewo.

movie was scary too abeg.

anyhoos im saying a prayer for my Mum today and always.
i do not think there is someone in this world i love more than her.

Love you Mummy!

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