Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Club badass

*dusts cobwebs*

I’m a fat slob. Ok thats a lie. Im a skinny bitch who is now an average sized babe.

This saddens me- although people say i have filled out- i like being skinny.

Anyways my waist is no more 28 inches. And its now 30 inches.

It breaks my heart, anyways i have been inspired.

Yes children of God today i was talking to my friend and SHE HAS A BLOG!!!

Now not just any blog- a fitness blog.

And it may interest you too. But i am holding out for now. I don’t want to share my waist inches reduction goodness just yet.

How did i become fat fill out?

I took this dreaded job at a global firm- and i put in 16 hours a day, 8 days a week. Staring at the computer screen and numbers.

Don’t get me wrong- i love numbers, i just don’t think my waist and stomach are benefitting from this job positively.

I mean i try 2 work out- 3 times a week ok Saturday mornings. And even then ive been slacking due to my hotel chilling.

Anyways bottom line of all this- i want to be a sexy bomb shell – neck breaking woman badass chick.

And finally ive found out how.

Lets drink *raises glass of lucozade* to 26 inches of waist. Well my future 26 inches!

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