Monday, September 5, 2011

Damaged Goods?

personally i believe older men. i.e. 35 and above with no hope/form of partners are damaged goods.

why are women avoiding you so? ehn that you would be chasing girls 15yrs younger?

anyways that is besides the point.

i was in such a foul mood today so i went 2 visit my home girl funlolly.

funtimes- and major amebo- if you know me in real life. you'd know im not a slacker in that dept.

i need to quit sha- im getting to old.

anyways we sha gisted until she said sthg that i have noticed.

children from broken homes are so "cynical"

i admit i see a picture of a happy family and i sneer like why is the father holding the mothers hand?

i hear someone's boyfriend cheated on them, and i sneer and say- dont beat your self up over it. all of them are the same.

i have subconciously agreed to the fact that

there are no marriages- happy marriages.

only 2 people managing each other.

bear in mind that i am in a "thingy" and i am very comitted to the lover.

but somehow i just think the only people happy in marriages, are women with rich husbands that are well looked after, and widows. oh and women that are avid church workers.

i want to get married- but i think being from a broken home

has really screwed up that whole marriage thing for me.

i am in love with my lover sha.

but as for marriage.

i worry.

that children from broken home are damaged goods.

and i worry that marriage is a lot different than its made out to seem.

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