Sunday, September 11, 2011

new look AGAIN!!

Its like a fucking identity crises.

lol ok it isnt. My friend Asake said the old theme was an unfair representation of who i truly was.

she said it was all bright, colorful and shit. and im none of those.

She claims im dark broody and mysterious.

ok thats a lie, thats what i told her.

anyways, i decided to get a new look, since it looks like im moving my ass over here a lot.

you know what else is new? I've started wearing powder.

well i think I've stopped now sha, i wore it for a week and had 2 babanla pimples. that have refused to go.

as i earlier posted, i downloaded Moves like jagger et No sleep.

between all that and re vamping the blog theme and shit, i have managed not to get any work done.

i am a little diva.

Am i the only one whose male friends promise to get married to if my relationship does not work out?

was on the phone with my friend FBG, its been ages since we spoke, and we grew up together - on the mainland- tho we are now ikoyi babies. he is my personal person.

Since Jumoke got married, he kept saying all we Nigerian girls know is marriage, like there isnt more than marriage. i told him" if you marry a rich man, there is little more than that really"

dont quote me, but that may be my retirement plan. i kid.

i miss him. i may have to crawl over to londres and spend a weekend at his mercy- full pampering and spluring in his place. only thing is i may have to cook. urgh

anyways he is like 5'4 or sthg and wants to marry a model chic. his current girl friend- 5'9.

i dunno how he does it, but tall girls adore him. must be his head game. winning attitude. and splurging.

#np One thing- Ashanti.
where is she? i liked her music.

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