Sunday, September 11, 2011

Friendships and Poor Decisions

lol relax, no one did my dirty, at least not recently.

since i can remember, i have been unable 2 have like a clique of friends.

especially girls. in a bid to aviod drama the best i could do was 2 friends from one clique.

however i just discovered the flaw in this my mode of operation.

most of my friends from individual cliques actually dont like each other.

that i can deal with, because i mean they only ever see each other when im having something, and im never having something.

but my friend steph and i decided to go to ghana with a couple of friends next month.

and na here this perfect plan began 2 fall apart.

we simply had no friends.

everyone wants 2 make such a trip with thier friends, and since we arent really part of any clique.

we decided to invite one of our friends who is everybody's friend. and was supposed 2 help us invite the boys.

but she wasnt interested.

and so our plan fell apart.

well since i have no friends, to go with, i proposed this to the lover.

who wasnt interested as well.

now i totally understand people who rent families at thier own weddings.


Yinkuslolo said...

I have mini-cliques of friends but tese mini-cliques are usually oceans away from each other. I've found out that for me to fit into a clique, I must like everyone in it and this rarely happens. I also feel like people change and friends are people. If we are no longer compatible in terms of mutual interests, proximity, literacy levels - It is really difficult to maintain such friends. Friends come and some go.

Maybe this is why I don't have a best friend, yet.
PS; Long-distance bestie-ship kills me

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

lol they kill everybody. and people are so strange and fickle.

which is why we must be our own best friends.

Ms.Oreoluwa said...
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