Thursday, September 8, 2011


i confess i am a slacker.

lets blame this job that enables me to carry last like there is no tomorrow.

anyways here i am watching trace.

and a couple of songs caught my fancy

- move like jagger- i absolute adore maroon 5 and anything they churn out. along with xtina and that powerful voice with her platinum blond hair, dark eyeliner and stick your thingy in my mouth red lipstick.

anyways i would def be downloading this song.

- it aint my fault- ltido ft bankyw.

im all for supporting my nigerian acts, but i need to point out to both of these artistes that nigerian girls dont follow boys that wear hoodies in the club. especially if thier men just took them shopping and bought then a diamond neck lace. or maybe its just me. video had that trying 2 hard feel.

i just cant get enough- bep.

i heart fergie and that her voice that is obviously tweaked with auto tune. i'd like her 2 redo this song again when bep split up. or sorry when they take a break to pursue thier individual albums.
extra points because it was shot in japan. i love it!!!

sans the outfits and the last verse. definately gonna download it.


wiz khalifa- no sleeping.

im not a fan of wiz. negro is too skinny and his skin looks like ankara. because im not one to judge i wont include the fact that he is trying 2 wife a ho among the reasons i dont like him.

but just like roll up- which i refused 2 listen to because i strong believed it had 2 do with weed- i still do. but when i did hear it at the club. i rushed to download it. and i actually really really really really like/liked it.

still one of the highest played songs on my itunes after obianuju.

but no sleeping?

amazing. i like it. sort of reminds me of what i want my next birthday to be like- everything free and everybody getting thier party on.

i may just end up buying this album in traffic- dont judge me.

anyways nepa took lite so thats that.

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