Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy doesn't reside here.

Last year I got to this point where one day while reading for exams. I burst into tears.

Like just started bawling out my eyes, about how I don't think I can do this.

I was so sure I wasn't going to visit that point this year.

I was wrong. I am at that point.

Its May 15th 2009. My exams are in 3 fucking days. And I don't think I want to write them anymore.

Its 5am. And I've been up all night and I just want to cry. Well I'm crying already but like really really scream and cry.

Except mother dearest would not find it funny if she sees me wailing about exams I haven't written.

I mean logically I shouldn't be worried abi??

I have been studying since January, I've taken classes, and what not. But I'm still so scared. And I haven't even written the exams. Maybe I should wait till I am more comfortable?? And write it in November??

Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh I hate this whole exam thing. I wish I could sleep. And wake up and it would all go away.

I think I need a new basis 4 my self esteem. U see I always used academic performance.

Now I dunno if I should actually base it on that anymore. Seeing as I'm worried about these exams.

I think its time I Prayed. Very seriously.

Please pray for me.


Taiwo said...

ore deary.... u will be fine. God will bring back to ur memory everything u have read and you have been studying for a long time now.. u will be ok alright? just have faith and know that He wont bring anything ur way that u cant conquer..xoxo

Nono said...

You'll be fine luv. Don't stress too much. Like u said, u've been preparing for this for a while now. You'll be fine boo. Wishing u success. Go kill em tiger. *kisses*. Ps: miss u on bbm :)


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