Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I have latch on repeat while I am sstruggling ( double S for emphasis) on attempting to complete my current client's AFS before I go to abuja next week.

I quite like how I am told a week before I leave so I can prepare my self and life for abuja.

Because it does take a toll on me emotionally.

I have been so cranky since last night.

two reasons- ASOEBI PRICES.

These costs just creep up on you.

Like hello- I have the color at home; don't be making me buy clothes any how.

Anyway that is neither here nor there since the fabric is for my Grandma's 80th as well as my uncle's wedding.

But that isn't the real reason I am so cranky and I have been snapping at all and sundry.

I actually can not disclose the real reason because you know- I just can't.

But I am grossly unhappy.

and no it is not a man matter.

I am finding it so hard to be happy for someone so close to me who really does deserve all the happiness in this world but I feel like the person is being used and taken on a ride.

But there is no way to convey my exact concerns without coming across like a hater.

Which is odd because I am already a hater.

Like I just want to be in my bed right now doing nothing.

But mulling over my current situation.

Like this is a cloud hanging over my head. And I am quite pissed.

Also I have no one to talk to about this.

Everytime I have a mini emotional crisis I just run away from everybody.

which is really shameful since you know- people come to me with all their crisis.

Meanwhile who else has noticed how much fear festers in concealment?

Current;y reading the book "fine boy" and it is such a good bok- I want a paper copy for my mother because I do not think she is currently at the stage of reading ebooks on her ipad.

Although to her credit she is quite proficient at using the ipad.


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