Friday, September 19, 2014

The era of think peices

The need to tell everyone how YOU think they should live their lives is and has become


So stop writing your damn think pieces.

You know why-

While I occasionally sit on the highest horse of my moral ( although frequently questionable) standards and mock and sneer at my perceived poor choices of other people's lives; I do not understand where one gets off writing a 5000 word essay on it.

Like I get it; you can not understand why someone stay's with a man that hits her- which is fine because we aren't all knowing.

What I do not get is you trying to garner and curate an ongoing dissection of other people's life's choices especially when you are making no plans to open your mind and understand.

Linda Ikeji behavior if you ask me.

And lowkey I exempt her because it is her daily bread.

But you who is not in that relationship; is not related to any related parties; you do not even watch the damn sport- how does it really really really affect you?

And I find Nigerian women who are crying about it the most hypocritical- because Look half of the women in my mother's generation Chopped beating ( maybe not until they became unconscious) BUT you get my drift.

I understand you want to mull over it with your partner who doesn't hit you; And I understand you laugh about it with your girlfriends over dinner; what I really do not understand is where you found the time to write a 5000 word essay on someone you have never met based on your own experiences.

Project much?


Stop asking women to fight for their marriages; or leave their cheating partners; or do this or do that.

Really stop.

Just let women who want to be- do just that be.

And if she dies; she dies because you know what- we are all going to die one day.

All the above being said- I honestly do not condone violence of any kind in relationships OF ANY KIND.

Especially but not limited to co-workers.

I am just sad that a woman has made her choice to fully be with someone regardless of his flaws and the whole world is coming at her like she is mentally deranged.

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