Friday, October 29, 2010

101st ( is that even correct?) blog post :)

My Birthday is on tuesday. This is Friday. And I'm still not excited. Now to make matters worse I didn't even "Release my Birthday gift wishlist". Since Uloh just reminded me. Here is my Wish list.

1. Chance By Chanel. 100ml. EDP.

2. 1 million Paco Raban. 100ml (MALE) that female one is a hot mess for a fragrance.

3. The Number of a reliable good "affordable" tailor. In Lagos state.

4. A cook book.

5. 3 Paulo Cohelo books.

6. Ankara?

( I'm running out of items :( )
7. Iman Powder. Earth dark?

I have run out of things I want for my birthday. Truth be told. I really don't want anything. I'm not even buying myself a cake. Lol.

I'm getting myself what I really want. And yes its on that list. That means there is one item on that list that I do not have and I'm getting for myself. Everything else. I already have at least 2 of. Amusing huh?

I think gaining financial independence to be has been of the best birthday gifts I could have given my self this year.

Maybe that is why I am reluctant to create a birthday wishlist. It could also be that I don't want to take anything from anyone. I've been a taker for too damn long.

*do not Read Taker as Gold digger.

But I am the type of person that people feel the need to give things to. Don't ask me why tho. I have no idea.

So yeah I have fulfilled all righteousness and created a birthday wishlist. Hope fully everyone can sleep in peace now.

A very unexcited.

PuSsy Kat.x

Ps. Ok ok ok I know I'm not a taker but that toy watch in my profile picture. *sigh*

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