Monday, July 25, 2016

Top 5

My Top 5 poorest decisions this week (never mind that its just Monday) in no particular order.

- 1 Let someone thread my already non- existent eyebrows. ( In my defence I was ill)
-2 I took a malaria drug that I apparently react too, but I did not know ( again fully ignorant)
-3 waited a whole 24 hours before deciding that I might die and took myself to the hosptial
-4 Changing my hospital same day via Avon HMO ( you already know how poorly HMO covers work)
-5 Cutting raw pepper for indomie and going to pee.

this adverse reaction I am experiencing , is apparently something everyone that has two eyes and has had malaria in the last 3 years.

Ore did not know.

She just jejely took her drug. and started itching like there was no tomorrow. Everywhere.

I think I might have started developing buyers remorse for gifts.

Eros gifted me perfume, And I was like really *insert eyeroll here*  because I thought it was a cheap move to distract me from me calling him out on his debit card Ninja behavior.

Anyways I asked him how much he bought it, when he told me, I had to physically stop myself from saying- PLEASE GIVE ME THE MONEY.

But this new attitude is even when I say I want something, we go to said store, I buy said item.
I come home and regret buying it like- Help me please. Who is this person?

I'm finding that I do not really like material things anymore, and I blame that woman who wrote the book about sparking joy.

She said your house/space  is not untidy because you are messy. It is because you have too many things.

Obviously I gave a shit load away and decided to do a more buy only what you realllly need approach.

Turns out, there are few things, you reallly need and a vacation is one of them. I promise.

We should travel and see the world.
P.s - Young people are so amazing. My 17 year old cousin is staying with me for a bit and has just shown me how reckless young people are.
Also how expensive house guests are and
How in sync Eros and I are as people who live together.

He is also really shy which means he tends to lie a lot. Well he does that thing where I ask him if he is hungry and he says - no.

And I'm like okay sha come and eat because I'm guessing you should be hungry and He just literally jumps into the plate.

AND I'M LIKE BUT I JUST ASKED YOUUUU, if you were hungry? *confused*

Its exasperating.

but I have a new found respect for my momma.

She let people run AMOK, in her household for so long. Like sisters, cousins, nieces.
Everyone wants to come to Lagos and stay in her house.
She has truly earned the name Big Mummy.

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