Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I should write more

Even when I am feeling excited about a lot of things.
I should put my thoughts in order and write out properly how I feel.

Now let me tell you how funny life is- I did a job for a manager last financial year and she gave me 2.

that is over 5 mind you. That means that I did not meet expectation on the job.

Which in reality mean I do not get promoted this financial year.

But after printing out the slander and taking it to my counselor, He was like LOL, It's beef she will change it to 3, do not worry.

She did change it.
But by doing that she put my name in the mouth of office rumor mill.

And there is nothing Ore hates more than a gossip narrative about herself that she did not 1- share and 2- can not control.

Anyway we move past it and we are all happy and jolly.

When- guess who asks me to come and work for her again. On the same assignment she gave me 2 for.

That is when I realised that many are mad but few are roaming.

You would have assumed that if I did such a poor job, she would give me a wide berth.

Turns out she was just mad I went on vacation without telling her.

Which is odd because she has asked me to come and work for her but my next vacation just got approved.

Can I get an Encore?

My partner is the court jester with this set up.

And guess who still hasn't told her she is going on vacation?

Because really when you do your worst.

People stop to fear you.

And it is really a shame when people that should have some semblance of respect for you. stop because you showed your hand to early.

In the words of Khaled- You played yourself.

Now onto my upcoming vacation, because we are all Christians and we all love to do the lords bidding- who is going to give cheerfully to my cause?

I will set up a go fund me- If you people assure me you will contribute.

Maybe I should run a half marathon to raise the money- Because this vacation must be taken.

I lowkey envy people who do not travel. or do not have to endure wanderlust.

Maybe if I do more photo posting on IG, I will always look back fondly at the trips?

All I know is that I need to find a way to travel every quarter. Because Nigeria finds a way to drain your energy.

Or maybe if I'm honest, I'm just dying of envy that Eros just got back from holiday with two full suitcases and I was forced to be excited to look at all the things that you can't wear and that do not concern you.

In his defence- we do not wear the same size.

Still but yet.

Ps- I have become obsessed with Pandora bracelets.

Which is really strange, because I honest do not like expensive things.

Currently trying to reconcile spending all that money on Iron Twine.

I'm here for the charms though.

Thinking of swaping my fridge magnet travel habit for pandora airport charms.

More expensive but that way- my wear my memories literally on my sleeves.


ps- Who remembers when this was my favorite word?

pss- I am really leaning into this minimal lifestyle thing.- who knows why?

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