Friday, August 5, 2016

Why composure is the master key

After prayer to God in heaven through Jesus his son obviously.

On Wednesday evening after work I saw tarzan the movie.

It was glorious. I quite liked all the action scenes and what not.

Anyway, when we finished, Eros wanted to grab some KFC because he was hungry but I wanted hans and rene and they closed at 9pm.

KFC girl took her sweet damn time even after I told her to please hurry because I wanted to pop into the next store for some agbalumo and zobo gelato.

meh- Home girl pressed rewind and was being super slow.

All the while this strange looking man kept staring at me. Like it was the weirdest thing.

Like he would look, then remove his face, then stare harder times 2.

I was like urgh abeg.

So I said ah Eros see this man he keeps looking at me.

Turns out it his uncle*.

So they hug and say hey and all that all the while I'm really upset because hans and rene has closed.

And he comes back to me saying come and meet my uncle and I'm like urgh. I want ice cream you are saying I should come and meet your uncle.

So I do a twirl and the uncle had gotten up so I smile the widest possible smile.

His uncle looks at me and says- did you ever consider being an actress?

we all just start laughing.

And he said you know I had been staring at you because you looked so much like *insert My mother in laws name here* and he was really wondering if she had any younger ones in lagos because you know. I look a lot like her. So imagine his shock when he finds that Eros is actually married to the spitting image of his mother.

*round of applause for Eros limited selection*

-Side bar, when people say this that I look so much like my MIL, I feel really bad for them because I am NOTHING, like her in temperament. The matriarch of Eros' family found this out the oddest way and went to tell my mother to teach me to be humble.

I think my mother went further to clear her doubt.

What i am saying in essence is this- My mother in law is the sweetest, probably most docile person I know. without airs and graces, just staying in her own lane, you know doing her thing easily. no dragging. no tearing of shirt type life style.

I also think people sense the difference and say a silent pray for Eros because it must be a hard transition coming from a home where everyone jumps at what daddy says to one where your wife is like oh, you said something?

We had a really nice conversation with his uncle, who was so pleased. to see Eros and was so happy he got married.

-Another side bar, his family members always seem so happy that he is married. It is really strange because you know how it is only as if women are the ones that should get married.

Anyways moral of the story is this. Ore needs to stop showing herself outside.
ps- he also seemed impressed that I had a job doing what I did. *and was probably doing the math in the head of the dynamics of how the marriage will work*

Everyone seems to be doing that these days. What does your husband do- Hmnnn. Maybe you should/ have you considered/ perhaps you should look into.

Me: Maybe you should mind your business? I do not know just maybe?

Pss: My sisters wedding is going along so splendidly. It is amazing really.
I love it.

Eros keeps scolding me, but last night he said- I do not think planners are even this concerned about the weddings of their clients.

I am on the phone day and night weekdays. market on Saturdays. and having my eyes constantly peeled out for vendor deals around the clock on Sundays.

And as in everything in life, you get what you bargain for.
So do not be unwilling to negotiate. okay?


*for the sake of my non Nigerian  readers, this loosely translates to father/mothers friend.

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