Friday, August 12, 2016

And yet another update and #becomingabetterhusband

Today listening to the radio and I just realised I might have figured out what my calling is.

What could this be you ask?


My latest calling is curbing the excesses of men before the decide they want to get married.

Because prevention is better than cure.

And due to the sex bias inherent in all people who better than a married woman to point out the very obvious but still somehow over looked flaws that many men have.

and guard so selfishly.

Mate- you are playing yourself.

But to get to this- would be the most important underlying factor that men (who are christains or even demon worshipers) have to deal with is this.

A marriage not working out is your fault. You are the head of the house. So you know how the ship sinks the captain takes the fall. The same is applicable to marriage, Guard your ship.

Fearlessly. Because we will judge you when it sinks.

My point is this, men have to become more responsible, with their money, with their time and with the lives and love of the women who want to become one with them.

This is the only way for peace to reign.

And you know how else my classes/articles will help you; BY not listening to men who tell you to hit your wives.

Stop listening to bad counsel.

You want to know how counsel is bad- Google the advice you get and add "what does the bible say regarding this".

I guarantee you, you will know.

And the googling is just for demo, because odds are you probably already KNOW it's shit advice.

Off course there would be those asking me why the men and not the women.

Urgh- Trust me all the women I know probably all know more than I do. Women are experiencing an information overload and nearing saturation when it comes to preparation for marriage advice.

Worst part of that advice is that it stems from damage control.

People who are happily married will probably tell you they pray and xyz, those who are in bad marriages always have the most to type out on face book. and yen yen yen.

Listen women, this post is not for you.

Men, come with your pen and paper, let me make you better husbands, lovers and generally all round human beings.

Remember, Happy wife, Happy Life.
Pss- I will post one thing on this every week. with the hashtag #becomingabetterhusband

or #BABH. bab-h? I like the sound of it.

pss- why are there no ghen ghen movies this summer?!!!!

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