Monday, August 29, 2016

In control

So I think I give off the vibe that I have all my life under control.

Today I couldn't rationalise buying a pack and pearl tampons for N4,000 but went to the liquor store and bought the most delicious bottle of moscato for myself to drink at about the same price.

Even though I am trying to slow down my drinking.

Anyways, I think I struggle to sell myself.

Like look, I am amazing at what I do. please Hire me now.

Why do I need to convince you that I actually can do what I know I can do.

There should be sell your self classes in University -because hello real life skill.

I think I am ready to become deliberate with my new friendships.

So if you have a private jet - Hi I am open to being friends with you. and I promise to clean up after myself and to not be tardy( Last bit is a lie- BUTTT I am working on it)

I am dying to tell you guys about all the things going on in my life.
But I need you guys to remember that God makes everything beautiful in his own time.

Including my holiday ready manicure.


I would put up a photo but. nah

Ps- Why do people who know me in real life laugh at me when I say I am anonymous on twitter.

I am though.

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