Thursday, March 19, 2015

The fish

And not fish mooney ( sp?) from Gotham.


I got an email from Remi yesterday.

I met ( term used super loosely here- because I have not physically met him BUT heeeey) Remi on my blog, then on Instagram then in my emails.

But Yesterday Remi sent me the most delightful email.

And I was so touched because - just because it was something he did not have to do; but he did.

And I love that

Actually I really liked it.

And I am thankful. So Remi Thank you.

If you must know the gist of the email- He sent me a link to a Paulo Cohelo interview I hadn't heard.

he thought to share since on my lil ol blog is where he first heard of PC.

AND yall know that i literally worship at the literary altar of mr Cohelo, so win win?

Anyway thank you.

Second thing of note- My Self absorbtion is at an all time low.

maybe I should keep busy more.

How do I know- Self awareness.

well not really.

My friend started seeing someone- so in true fashion I hit her up to ask who.

Home girl was like urm she wasn't ready to share and I was like cool cool.

( this was last night)

I just realized that the old me would have hit up our mutual friend to squeeze out said boyfriends name from her- But I'm just like yeah eventually we will find out who peace.

You guys does this mean I am on the first step to my recovery from chronic gossiping?

pss- Now that I have blogged this, I actually now want to know said boyfriends name.

Am I shameless or not.

sidebar- friendship* mi, don't worry I have too much work right now to undergo such stress.


Hello trial balance- Balanced. easily. Like with zero stress.

Meeeeeeennnnnnnnn I just know God was pitying me as I was being grossly irresponsible.

Okay Final side bar- My other friend ( lets call her happiness); Could not believe when I told her that I prepare financial accounting audited statements for a living.

She works in the financial  industry herself and she was in awe.

And I was like who did you think prepared AFS's- middle level staff in audit firms that's who.

from scratch she asked.

Me- not really from TB's.
She asked Trading bonds

We burst into laughter at my face- no trick FROM  trial balances.

Also if you are reading this ( I have the final two episodes of empire) hola boo boo kitty.

Second to the last final side bar- EMPIRE is actually nollywood mixed with telemundo dipped in steroids.

Lets call it black people glee.

Pss- I really need new career suggestions. I am so bored and sick and tired of this current line.

Again- gap year?

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