Friday, March 20, 2015

that awkward moment when

ULOH decides to cancel and then no more amusement park.

However- swiming at the club house in Abuja today.

Also- guess who does not know what they want to do again?

I spoke to my mother yesterday and told her how I didn't know if I wanted to be an accountant again.

So she suggested strategy.

I said no- maybe HR?

She laughed at me and told me I just had a long day and I should relax.

My back hurts. I need a FULL BODY MASSAGE.

with my compulsory visit to get a hammam bath.

Did I mention that - I would be switching to black soap now?

I am ready for flawless skin thanks.

And everyone seems to swear by it.

So if you are in abuja and you know a market where I can buy black soap please

hola at your girllll.


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