Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I had the most delightful lunch today.

My client's took us out to lunch and it was so refreshing.

I am here for honest conversation and amazing food.

We went to this 5 star Michelin Indian restaurant in Mayfair called Gymkhana.

And I had this rabbit dish- which was so absolutely delicious ( makes me wonder why they made us keep them for practicals in biology)

Rabbit meat is so fabulous along with - Rabbit fur ( But I will tell you about that later)

Anyway I have no photos as always so you will have to let me describe this to you with my words.

Think of the most indian setting you can imagine ( think bollywood fused with a nollywood rich man's sitting room)

We had the most central lowest key dining room and we just sat there and chatted chatted chatted

Offcourse about marriage.

Turns out one of my clients is a sister inlaw to my dearest and nearest ( In heart not distance) friend

and she surprisingly called us during lunch.

And is currently keeping malice with me! hahahaha.

And we concluded that Nigerian women are the true heros who manage to slather Nigerian men with a layer of Male privilege, daily.

Offcourse I would not discuss all our lunch entailed but know that it was such a good experience.

And when we were walking back to the office- we popped into the Victoria Beckham store.

OMG everything was white, and there was this orange bag. *sigh*

Anyways I had such a good day.

But I am eager, dying. can not wait to go home to Lagos.

Lagos I miss you, your madness, traffic and your wretched Yoruba boys.

*sprinkles love and light everywhere*

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