Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What is in your hand and other items

Now I do not know if I have mentioned this here BUT

I have been approached by people I know do to some type of work for them that is not accounting work.

I know crazy right?

Not really.

I have been wanting to generate an separate stream of income from side hustle but I have been unwilling to follow through?


I have no idea.

Anyway Today I decided to fulfil a need/gap- my sister runs an interior decorator business. and I asked her to create  a seprate IG page because really why do you have all these selfies on your  business page?

But I felt like she wasn't really following through properly SO- I decided to

offer to run her social media. For FREE.

for a month anyways.

I only agreed to do this spur of the moment because as I was scrolling on IG- I saw this post that TD Jakes posted.

It was a bible verse, where God asked Moses "What is in your hand?"

Hint: It was an ordinary Shepard's rod.

And God asked him to throw it down and I think we all know how the rest ends.

God will use what is in your hand to answer your prayer requests.

Ps- My cell phone was in my hand.

And So I ask - what is that thing in your hand that you are yet to start throwing on the ground for God to work on?

My nails look so pretty.

I keep forgetting how much I talk/blog about my nails then I meet someone in real life and she says- Let me see your hands.

And I'm like huh?

And she is like- You are the one ALWAYS posting your nails on instagram.

*hides face in shame*

I said I wont do any major buying this year. Infact I want to give out a lot of my clothes and stuff.


No reason- I can work with what I have tbh. and that is the plan.


I have no fuel/no car/it is kind of not feasible to uber to the mainland daily.

Guess who wants to consider takin bus home today?

Or at least to obalende?

Actually It rained today so maybe tomorrow?


Pss- Erin Ijesha is on SATURDAYYY!
So excited. will pack a bit tonight when I get home.

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