Thursday, February 25, 2016



I have been having a mini crisis lately.

About what you ask?

Money- I answer. LOL

The last month I have freaked out so much about money it is something else,

And you know what makes it supper interesting - I kind of have no need to freak out.

Like for real.

But I'm still doing it.

I'm spending less, I'm saving more. I am budgeting for my holidays easily.

Like nothing has really changed.

Ps- I know I said I wanted to do local travel more this year.

So Off to Erin Ijesha I go

and guess who with.

you would never believe.

I hardly believe it myself.


I am like WHATTTTT?

When He said yes to the trip, I was like oh yay. Then oh snap.

personally I asked out of courtesy so I could go on and ask someone else, So Imagine my confusion when- BOOM, Oga said yes.

So we are off to Erin Ijesha on saturday. with Truppr.

And I am so excited!

So back to Money.

Pss- I plan to do kajuru castle, yankari game reserve,  Calabar in december, Obudu sometime during the year and Enugu Just because.

Dear Universe- Make it work.

Back to money.

So I have been speaking to a bunch of recently married, about to marry and currently planning to get married people and I am all about the budgets.

Why- First wedding Quote I got was for N50m.

No Jokes. Fifty Million Nigerian Nairas.

and this cost was minus my outfit and minus the planners fees.

I was like #pause

Is this how much yall have been spending just casually?

Like that?

So I started making inquriy- N10million, N20million, N15million.

I asked around for excel spread budgets
and for tips to cutting costs.

As You might have gleaned from reading my blog- I am frugal.

I can not justify to my soul and spirit and being spending N20 million Naira on an event THAT- I really do not care that much about the people attending to feed them to stupor.

And before you people accuse me of eating other people's rice- I only try to eat fingerfood at these type events.

Anyways That is besides the point.

Since I already know I am having a weekday wedding- because Less crowd please.

And not a destination because in all fairness, Most of the people I would love to be at the wedding, Might be unable to attend due to costs.

Anyways I am sha calling more more transparency regarding costs, vendor attitudes and general cost reducing tips when planning a wedding.

And I am asking because, I am being honest with myself- I can list about 20 countries that N50million will take me to and I will be super lavish in the hotel rooms and stunt on the gram with my sunset silhouette photos and maybe get a butt lift- Not Like I need it AND lipsocution ( again not needed)

As I said there are easier ways to burn through cash- Or even make down payment on a condo in Eko atlantic- thaaaaannnnnnn

To make rice and chicken for people like Joro because Lagos wedding.

In my Opinon shaaaaaa.

Anyway to sate my worrying. I read my devotional today and virtual cookies for anyone who can guessthe serious sub that was the bible verse for the day?

Never mind_ I will tell you - for free:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own (Matthew 6:34 NIV).

And the whole thing was perfect and Today God. I quit this worrying about money.

How is lent going for yall- are we coping or are we holding fast to God's word?

I encourage us to please do the latter.

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