Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's shenanigans and other cool stories

So its 1am on the 15th.
Hey Side chicks- wyd??
And I am in my hotel room ALONE. Because I was thinking sexy time with Eros over the phone?
Then I realized I did not travel with my travel rabbit.
Which is odd, because I always travel with it, but I was packing and was like- nah I do not need it
But then I co-hosted Valentines dinner at my girl Uloh’s house and OMG. Too much fun and too much drinking and 
Those who know.
Anyways alcohol sort of turns on my engine- which is why I was like sexy time- BUT no rabbit & its lent.
So Imma show restraint.
Married people, do yall have sex during lent?
Side bar- people say I am too happy to be married.
What does this really mean?
Was out on Friday because Uloh really is the worlds biggest baby girl- anyways So I’m table top dancing alone- like just dabbing out of control and having a blast, and someone asks me- Are  you not married?
First of all- YOU know I am married. So *insert eyeroll*
Second- who made you judge and jury and extecutioner over married woman apporpriate behaviour?
Third- I’m not married to you.
So in conclusion- It really isnt your business you know?
I find that men are the first to hit you with ah we do not see you again- because Married. But when they see you- they be like- ah ah you are married why are you going clubbing.
And everytime I bump into one of them and they want to start talking about how, my wife will not do this or that I always tell them good thing I married my husband and not you.
Plus go and marry and stop telling me ALL the things your wife wont do abeg AH!
Anyway- For valentines day I decided to gift myself a body wax & scrub session and it was ahmazing.
I like to treat myself from time to time( ok most of the time) so when I saw the opportunity and the woman was going to come to my hotel room so I was like hell yasss.
It was an amazing session. It would have been perfect if my ipod  screen did not break during the week and leave me pondering if I need to buy a new ipod or just fix the screen.
Now because I have never bought myself any apply device before-I know. All the men in my life have found my love language- Apple devices so three ipods and 2 iphones later( no mac book yet) I might have to buy this one for the first time for myself. #colormeunimpressed
But the session was good without the music. All the screaming I did made for a good soundtrack.
I think Eros & I decided ( I think o!), because we did not discuss it explicity, that we arent doing Vals day. BUT I cant even imagine him going a year and no present, But since he gets side chick treatment of post vals gift- I’m thinking boxers? And maybe perfume? AND cake
No alcohol because 1- lent and 2- its pretty much like taking sand to the beach, he sells alcohol.
Dinner was really good tonight.
And I am thankful- for my abuja tribe. You lot are amazing.
No really. You take me in as I am. No questions asked.
I saw deadpool on Friday. AH-MAZINGGGGGG.
Loved it so much, currently thinking of going to see it again tomorrow.
I think inspite of how my life is currently panning out- I’m just going to be fluid you know and stay happy or joyful.
I’m a pretty joyful/postive person. Like for real
This isnt even advertising.
It is always happy moments with me, plus I always find a way around the impossible.
Did I tell you guys how I was able to see  Wakka the musical TWICE, sans one ticket?
As I said. I am really really really good at finding a way around and people love to help me. I Think It is my talent.
I have been unable to finish a book. This is the third book I have tried reading that is good but I can not finish. Like can’t hack it. 
Finally on being transparent in your being why it is a gift and curse. Gift- No shadow of turning, you know who you are #teamIsaidwhatIsaid
Curse- Everyone knows its you. My friends read this blog and are like- I hear you. It is so unapologetically you.
And I am like look- Its me but written and they are like nah. Maybe they are on to something? Dunno- and couldn’t care less. I just find it odd.
I know I said finally but semi finally- Totally need a break for the weekend and thinking of erin ijesha water falls.
This is in my bid to do more Nigerian travelling.
FINALLY- does anyone here have like connect in the south african consulate?
I might be needing it- so if any of my readers are ballers like daddy is an ambasador to southie- abeg fall in my Dms- it go down.
No I’m for real. Can’t deal with the struggle for visa. 
Ladies when getting a husband- try to find some one with blue and/or red passport.
It would sate your wanderlust so seriously. *sigh*
I have such a hunger to see the whole world- Maybe it is why I read so much.
Pss- I made a major executive decision in my marriage on Saturday and felt super pleased with myself.
Went to the market to get sheets made ( hashtag the good wife) and even though Eros insisted he only wanted white sheets- I decided to buy this grey and this colored one.
Would he be mad when he sees them- I hope not. They were really pretty and white  is a really boring sheet color plus- It reminds me so much of hotel living. 
Also I miss Eros so much. So so so much.. It literaly just hit me that if I was in lagos and we were in bed, I would have stopped blogging  at Those who know. Because sexy time.
Eros – if you read this ( you never will hopefully) you should have come to abuja for the weekend.
I spoke to my momma today ( I miss her so so so much too) sooooooooooooooooo much, when I spoke to her today, she said ah, you did not come to lagos this weekend?, she was so sure I would have come into town.
Me- really?, I’m saving 
Her- you have grown so much. 

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