Thursday, February 4, 2016

That moment

When someone askes you are you okay?

And you are really weepy and you just keep saying I'm fine even if you aren't but you can't really articulate your self so you just drown in your tears from inside out, you know?

You probably don't. And I hope you never know.

I've been so weepy lately. Everything keeps making me cry. And I'm so sick and tired of crying so much.

I'm down to every night now. 
My mum is worried. My husband is worried and bought me a dog. 


While I sound like a complaint box- which I swore to my self I won't do this year- which is why I keep saying I'm fine,

Because maybe if I say it enough; it would be true and I would be fine.

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mizchif said...

As a fellow weepy willow. Who just chased her sister off the phone so she would stop telling her everything will be fine. I can relate.
I mean I want to believe it's my hormones because period. Because why else will they announce a flight delay and I will start crying in the airport? I'm tired of myself.

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