Friday, February 5, 2016

Consistency might not be the key

One of the biggest problems of NOT having had a HUGE ass white wedding yet; is how no one ever believes I'm married.

I'm serious I tell men people that I'm married and they sneer like where?

You guys seriously.

Anyways so there is this Senior Manager at my job who keeps TRYING, OMG trying.

If he faced the kingdom of God with the persistence he has used to try to get my phone number ehn- By now all other things will most definately have been added unto him by now - myself excluded, you know, because God frowns upon adultery and the firm would most likely frown upon inter office romance gone sour.

But I digress.

Today i'm in the stairwell of my office building. You know just using the stairs sometimes, because gained all the weight I lost over the holiday.

so here I am- and he bumps into me on the floor landing.

and we make small talk all the while flashing my ring- Abi they said men leave women who are engaged alone?
-side bar: what is the english translation of "Shebi" and "Abi"

Sha sha. first elevator shows up, and I'm like " your ride is her, are you not going down"

Him: nah I am talking to you i can always get another one.


Because now I knew he was just trying to ask me to drinks OR dinner AGAIN.

And he was like how are my sisters, ( since one time I came to balogun market with them and he bumped into us at the carpark) and went on about how I have tried my hardest to not let him know me past the back of my braids.

And the inevitable- we are so much fun together, maybe we should do drinks sometime or a movie or dinner?

Anything that works for me?

"How about you bring a plus one to my wedding?" - Is what I should have said

But instead I said- We'll see.

He said- I've been in the firm for 2 years now. and we are still seeing.

I replied him- we'll see.

Anyways my past few days have been for lack of a better phrase " Emotionally draining"

But We shall over come, Just waiting for patience to have its perfect work and all that jazz.

Hope you guys are fine, and are keeping to all your resolutions.

I'm still bridling my tongue and watching everything that goes into my mouth with the vigilance and diligence (so help me God) of the 5 virgins who remembered extra oil.

Because this girl is not trying to grow fat under the guise of- But I was stressed.


In all of this I still remain thankful .

Finally one other thing

Wedding planning


I know I am a bit frugal. some people even call me skint * side eye at Eros* I have better use for my money than to feed people who wont give me present.

But even despite my flesh- I was willing to shell out a pretty penny for a wedding ceremony befitting of a Lagos big babe MINUS the damn sparklers,

but when I saw the budget- The opportunity costs of a white wedding sprang to mind and have remained at the fore of my mind, and I'm not even an economist.


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