Monday, February 8, 2016

On vals day, Lovers and friendships.

I like valentines day.

I have always made effort to you know do vals day elaborately, when I was much younger.

I think I give really bad gifts so I tend to just pop cash in your account.

I'm serious- The love language I'm fluent in- is money giving.

But check this- I can not stand people who borrow and not pay back.

if I am borrowing you money. HAVE some drops of decency in your blood to pay back. haba.


So normal vals day for me is hosting few of my friends.

Drinks. home cooked food and yoruba boy slander.

then next day spend it with the man in my life.

Like that has always been how I rolled.

Now that I'm married, I'm just here like- what will I do?

Then boom!

I'm in Abuja for work- Means I have to host here right?

LOL- Wrong. Manager said Go home and be with your husband, or invite him over.

I'm here like hmnn. Ok

On friendships. You guys I am such an amazing friend.

I'm serious you know that friend that just lets you be.  Seriously. I'm a wavy friend and I never steal your shine. I believe we can both shine equally as bright.

I'm not even writing up and advert for myself.

yesterday two different women called me their favorite people.

And I made a break through with my prayer request.

I had a milestone and finally jumped over it. And I was so happy.


Again I love my friends. Like I take friendship quite seriously.

I might not seem like it but I really do and I feel like because of how there I am- people generally tend to take advantage of my there-ness.

And fritter away when they get better- almost like I'm an emotional crutch.

I was going to say no more- but is that what God would want?


I think not.

But I want to find a way to get as much as I give from my friendships.

I'm majorly self sufficient so I have really morphed into a prayer type plus I really believe everything works out for my good often.

Things just always happen to play out like this.

But Im lowkey worried about tweaking the dynamics of friendships.

One of the major reasons I'm not having bridesmaids- ASIDES the humongous cost- really is that I do not want to have to choose, and people get left behind.

See I am considerate as I am frugal.

No point forcing 10 twenty something year old women into wearing dressses they do not care about because meh.

I have decided to start a podcast.

Because you guys- I have so much to say and so much free time in the buj- Plus I already have an exisiting sound could account- Although I might need to open a new one. Ha!

I am currently shopping around for wedding dresses, Although I would love to rent. If anyone knows where I can rent a wedding dress from- Kindly point me in that direction.

And happy Valentines day in advance.

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