Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I hate/loathe being kept in confinment against my will. it annoys me especially since this is something i have no control over.

i Also hate being lied to, for some reason everybody seems to enjoy/dervie joy from doing that to me.

I hate hate hate hate people coming to my house and taking my stuff, clothes, shoes,bag anything- Ask me dammit.

I hate how since i got a job everybody expects me to give them money- i dont quite understand this.

I hate how my Snr cant stand up to my manager. i watch him and shake his head. and wonder how can a man be so spineless?

I shake my head and how much missing the Lovers birthday makes me want to quit my Job.

well among other things. but i actually want to quit my job now.


Because i am being forced to work with my manager- who is nothing short of a beast.

i dont like him much. especially after i have worked with other people.

who treat thier staff like they are human.

My senior is threatening to stream-line me into Fin-services.

and i swear auditing a Fin Institution is the worst thing that can happen to any auditor.

so if that happens, i will quit and face my Gmat Jeje. because i need to go to school.

actually im looking forward to it. lol

why wont they let me audit Oil and Gas tho?

because i intend to move into that after my stint here.

well at least i hope that is what God has for me.

The lovers birthday is around the corner, and apparently the gifts i intend to buy for him...

are to "wifey" like. BUT since its me , i may get away with it- according to Asake

then my other friend- thinks its too practical, says i should buy sthg more fancy- whatevzz.

anyhoos so im back at square one giftless- because i am such a generic gift giver AND quite frankly i have given most of the stuff that i could possibly give him.

my friend suggested an iPad- i told her i wasnt in the business of giving out gifts that i dont own.

is that mean? :S i think its pratical- very practical.

i think i would end up giving him cash or a cheque and have him do as he likes.

i am so un romantic.

#ps the gift i intially had in mind, was a kitchen appliance.

what? he just moved into his own place and i thought it apt.

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