Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not so random.

Tola finally blogged.

and im not so mad anymore. i mean you lose 100 grand to a family member this year,

i know who im NOT giving 1m to in the next 5 years.

you know. just like that. i feel better. i was burned but im going to call it a lesson learned.

and i would be able to spoil the lover silly. so i dont feel so bad after all.

today is Nengi's birthday- LLP. just to take the piss. lol i love her silly.

and i hope she has a fun day.

and i cant wait to go home. i still hate this town but yeah im learning to deal.

hopefully my manager would come and say that we have tried and we can go home.

i would be too glad.

i miss the Lover.

i think the Damn BB makes me miss him more.

and i hate it. i want phone calls back jo. *pout*

Does anyone else feel empty once their salary has been paid?

i just feel oh i dunno, something drained once i get paid.

and what is up with the rising prices of aso-ebi?

my Home girl from QC said her aso-ebi si 30k. #pause

most of us that finished from school im one of the few that like already has a job and all that.
(see one advantage of the private universities)

and there is no way im shelling out 30k to buy aso-ebi. its madness.

and yall know im obsessed with aso_ebi buying.

one of my other friends from UNI (she was my roomie in1st year)

is getting married as well. i just rsvp'd back.

i tweeted yesterday that shit gets real when you start knowing people getting married.

and my friend replied i need to calm down.

now i know its not a race, BUT i dont intend to be frying akara while my friends are all attending PTA meetings.

ok thats a strech but you get my point.

funniest thing about this wedding is that, its strictly formal. like she expressly stated that native should be a last consideration.

i have NO formal dresses for weddings. :(

i have a shit load of Ankara dresses tho. a lot. im even surprised at myself sometimes sef.

i havent been to the gym in a month.

i am not pleased.

im contemplating having a tiny pool party at ikoyi club with tola once i get back. lol

i am a loser, with the weirdest thots.

i miss ikoyi club parties tho.

ive just been rambling.

before i go, ASA is amazing. but then yall probably alreadly knew that.

whenever she is coming to perform in Nigeria- i missed the last one because my friend was doing shakara for me.- i would love love love to attend.

ps: i think i need a mini holiday.

Barcelona maybe?

although getting time off work would be impossible :(

the life of an employee.

of Which we havent heard from Bankole dimeji again. i hope he is ok?

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