Thursday, June 9, 2011


Just to randomly update the people who read this blog religiously about what ive been up 2.

ok not religiously but yeah. you get my point.

so TV. ive been watching the goodwife. Amazing. everytime i watch a law show. ala boston legal or sthg i think maybe i should have studied law?

because apparently i dont come across like an accountant. we are supposed to be stingy ok no frugal and boring. BUT im neither of the two.

na so.

anyways work is just there. clients are being slow and im just watching.

remember the two accounts i was supposed to prepare.

yeah both balance sheets finally balanced. all that is left is one cash flow. WHICH my oga will do tommorrow for me abeg, i don tire.

then coupled with the fact THAT. my old senior is on my dick for the damn accounts WHEN. i am on another job.

well, i always tell them. i do not get paid enough for this shit. or madness.

anyways I miss The Mother.

and panic not...

because i Miss the Lover too. that goes without saying.
in all honesty the only thing good about this trip is that it got me outta buying 4 yards of Aso-ebi for 10k.

looool. i am a loser. ok but not withstanding. its alright.

yesterday i went to the market and cooked stew, soup and rice.

today my Co-worker fell ill.

and i swear my cooking has nothing to do with it.

because in all honesty the only reason i decided to cook. EPR.

EVALUATION PERFORMANCE REVIEW. which your senior co-workers review your work and your appraisal which your xmas bonus is based on is the reason for promotions.

anyhoos, that aside. i had lunch with my Mum.

her birthday is already here again. another week of nagging for grand children.

anyways so yeah she had a torch(bb) which i cant understand why anyways. because the calls keep going on mute and stuff everytime she has to take a call.

so after about 7 days of this madness she came to me crying for help to assist her in getting rid of the phone.

after mocking her for a bit i agreed to help her. anyways since i couldnt find anyone i just decided to buy her a bold2. WHICH she was trying to rebuy for her birthday.

immediately i gave her this gist, she said" ehn Which one is Bold4, ive been hearing about it, shebi it is the latest, ehn dont buy me bold2 again o, buy Bold4 for me"

i said ok.

you see this time last year, there were times i still asked my mum for money. however this year i have given her money every month. and every month she says she doesnt want BUT she takes and we refer to it as "rent". lol

however i could see how excited she was. and that just made my day. not like i was a bad child or anything BUT we didnt make it easy for her men. im just glad she was able to pull through.

after calling the whole lagos and asking them to thank me and pray for me. she said " i expect my phone by 2moro so we can start transferring my things."
i just love her.

she also took me to her tailor in abuja. the woman kept on giving me side eye. not like i care but WHY is this woman side eyeing me.

i mean the 1st thing she asked when we walked in after my mother introduced me as her daughter was" is she your real daughter"

NIgerians are so fucking tactless. i Quit them.

offwhich itunu has stopped tweeting.i wonder what that is about.

by the way im having a whale of a time here. old friends and stuff, just amazing stuff.

i miss home a lot. my free awoof landline that my mother was generous to pay its bill without asking any questions. but yeah its sorted now.

the people who helped me run up my phone bill. im still accepting donationsss.

but yeah im alright. forgot my black soap in Lag and if you see my face now ehn. jesse jags n i are competeing. lol

my face is a mess and i gatta admit these locks are not helping matters. i just dontt know wat 2 do with it.

since last year cuz of exams n work and shit ive been unable to relax it. *sigh*

now im that girl people see at the salon and ask "aunty is your hair virgin hair?"

nothing against virgin hair. i just cant maintain it. in all honesty. my hours are too ridic to add hair to my problems.

sooooo no ibadan this weekend.


well because Dana Air has decided that return ticket to Lagos is N90k.

i knoooow, i typed Ninety Thousand Naira.

that lagos that i can kuku enter night bus and arrive in 7hrs and pay 2k8 for Ac bus.


but yeah all in all good times and shii.

i miss lagos most of all. but im guessing there is always a price. *sniff*

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