Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day.

The amazing thing about fathers day is that i do not like it. Infact i kinda loathe the whole process.

Off course im from a single parent home so um yeah thats why i dont like it.

Anywaaaaaays yesterday was my friends sisters wedding.

I know how i keep saying that because of my starch making skills i would never marry a non dealtan guy. But because of how i love yoruba weddings i'd change my mind and get married to a yoruba guy.

I totalllly adore Yoruba weddings. The culture. The live band. The pakuromo-ing, komole-ing, the asoebi madness, the mother frantically searching for a seat for the chair-woman of her association in her church. Ok that was a stretch but Yoruba people know how to do weddings. Hiaaaaaaaaaan.

And i love it. Sadly all yoruba men are dogs. Yeah i said it. Quote me.

Moving on the wedding was amazing. I loved it even tho dude to work stress i was unable to buy the asoebi i think i still loved divine.

Im serious.

Some dude came up to have my picture taken and he made me sign a consent form. Amazing huh?

I was tripped. I mean i had to agree to have my picture published. Nigerian mags need to get on that p.

I also realised i suck at having my picture taken.

Meaning i cant pose for a picture i did not take myself.

Shocking revelation since i loooooveeee pictures.

I think i look better in those unconcious type pictures.

Anyways i think dude realised this and said i should relax. He than went on to take as many as he liked till he found a decent one to use.

And then said i should relax. Beautiful girls arent ever tense.

He then went ahead to take some shots of my hair as jara.

My hair is locked. Well with a weave but whatever locked all the same.

After the wedding. I went to play mummy and daddy at the lovers.
Lol jk.

We had dinner, which consisted of glover court suya and cupcakes from cupcake couture( they make the most amazing cup cakes in the whole wide world) no jokes.

And we went to look for tiramisu at choclate royal. Dint find.

Then went shopping randomly. At 10pm.

I tell you the lover and i are verrrry strange.

So when we got in. He just randomly looked at me and said.

Come and meet my dad.

Me: pause. Ehn???

Him: my dad. Come and meet him jo you keep avoiding him.

Me: with good reason.

Him: what?

Me: let me get my earings.

And so that was how we walked up to his flat. Knocked. I almost fainted.

Turns out not only do i not know how to pose 4 pictures i am also painfully shy.

So he said " daddy this is my girlfriend"

and his daddy said " so what is your name ?"

me.: Hiaaan. Murmur my name.
Surprisinglyhis dad heard and repeated it.

And he offered me wine, juice, ice-cream chinese, and i kept saying oh im fine sir.

My mother would have been very proud of me. That i finally caught on as a child she had a hard time stopping us from eating at other peoples houses, and you know that is where the food is sweetest. Lol.
Anyways after they discussed business, we left. And his father said " hopefully i will see more of you around"

his dad has aged veryyyy well. I wonder if that whole thing about looking at a womans mother shows how she will age applys to men as well.
Anyways to all the fathers. Happy fathers day hope the day turns out ok.

I dont want to leave home. I dont wanna go back to work jo. :( *Pout*

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