Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thanking God.

My mothers birthday is on Friday. my sister and I are yet to provide her with grand children.

But it is safe to say we have made her proud. how proud very proud.

and for this i am thankful.

i keep telling people if i turn out to be half the woman my mother is, i would be very happy.

however i find that i am lazy. and she is Hard working. but that is gist for another day.

i am thankful for her life.

i am thankful for my Job

i am thankful for good health

i am thankful for answered prayers

i am thankful for Friends and Family.

i am thankful for the Lover in my Life.

i am thankful for good music.

i am thankful for all of the above and a lot more which i would not blog about.

but as Yinkuslolo said in her blog, this is something i do not do enough, and i should.

so from now, once a month/or week or often sha. i will be thankful to God. in blogpost, tweet, word or deed.

ps. did you know that Nigeria had the 2nd highest HIV infection rate in the world. i believe the 1st remains south africa.

this is very scary news because i know a lot of people that are sexually active. and are rather non-chalantly sexually active.

its scary just thinking about it. the only person i know that had AIDS personally. i didnt even know the person like that, my friends Maid.

anyways please lets refrain from casual sex. if we must, lets be protected.

by protection i mean condoms. because i doubt your baba can help you here.

and i do realize how hypocritical this post may seem. but i honestly do not participate in casual sex. because sex is NEVER casual. dont be deceived.

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