Friday, June 10, 2011


hello darling!

i miss you. and im sorry i have not kept in touch. lets blame this job i work.

anyways i hope you feel much better. i felt so unhappy leaving you feeling that way. when we could have gone to the gym and just chilled. anyways i take it you are feeling better.

i see you splurging seriously. i like that.

just checking. you know your consignment is still in the top left drawer of my dressing table.

by the way ive ben struggling with either not talking or talking to th eother woman in this story. you know i am totally loyal to you.

however im not a fan of assisting people to keep malice.

but this your case is special. because you are too special to me.

almost like my first daughter. or sister i want or sthg.

anyways when i make up my mind. you will know.

but i can assure you whatever decision i make will be to your advantage. you know im partial like that. lol

and dont mind Deyo saying im soo wifey. you know i do not roll like that.

btw im happy you and the lover get along. as per guys and shit.

and there is one of his friends i want to give to you. he doesnt suit your physical attributes. although im not really sure what your specs are but im sure you'd love him. he is a sound enginner at the beat FM. and yeah i took into consideration your side career of being a songstress.

wtf typa word is song stress? im getting old.


anyways i miss you. and OMG i got this beautiful beautiful RL pants that stop just before my ankle. too cute cant wait for you to see it and approve before i wear them. lol i am a slacker.

although i think im too tall to wear pants that are MJ-esque im sure you'll co-sign my attempt.

anyways i miss you. and update your blog dammit. urgh how else am i supposed to keep up with you if you put up one random picture with a girl on a swing. bitch we want details!!!!

anyways i'd really appreciate if you watch the good wife and help me find season 1 and 2 complete. i will be enternally indebted to you. now im going to email this to you and blog it as well,

Love you lots.

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