Monday, June 27, 2011


im getting good at yoyo-ing my weight.

thanks to this stupid town im stuck at. i hate it.

i am home sick. and i hate this town.

the sun is fucking with my skin, i work ridiculous hours AND i am very very unhappy.

why am i unhappy?

simple, i did business with my cousin and he took my money and ran away.

offcourse i should have suspected this, but i didnt because i felt he'd never screw me over.

LESSON 1: everybody is out to screw ME over.

in as much as i'd hate to think this is true. it is.

and there is nothing i can do about it.

i'd hate to be a bitch towards family.

like this shit is making me physically sick. and offcourse make me want to cry as well, but that is besides the point.

and its making me irritated. everything and everyone is irrtating me.
from my Boss who is freaking out about our managers arrival tomorrow.

to the fact that i just want to go home.

i just snapped at my co-worker. for no just cause.

i will need to get a grip.

i should, but i cant because it just dawned on me that i have been swindled.

and i hate to lose money. hate it.

on the upside or rather downside i keep forgetting i own a black berry now.

smh for me. for someone who was attached to the bb. this is amusing.

forgot it at home on saturday and came to work.

then i forgot it today in the toilet.

also all this cash loss is freaking me out because i may not be able to give the Lover all i want to give him this year. :(

and that saddens me.

i just want my mummy jo.

and i want to get my feet done too.

anyways, whats been good? asides the bomblasts and all the boko haram drama?

ps there is this insanely beautidul pg woman at my client site.

i Love Love Love her. and i hope to look that good when i am Pg.

not like im getting pregnant anytime soon.

i have also downed half a bottle of yogurt. :((((

by the way i endorse " the good wife" its such an amazing show.

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