Sunday, June 12, 2011


on my twitter i have been ranting about how i hate this town and blah blah blah.

but the truth is i just miss home. Lagos is where my soul is. i can not for the life of me understand people who move from lagos to places like abuja.

it is probably the same way people cant understand how i migrated from a black berry phone to a nokia phone.

not a big deal if you are tired of the mess that is black berry.

i think my ipod has a virus.

i laugh when people ask me why i am not a part of the Nigerian blogger society.

because i didnt know there was a society.or community or whatever. im such a loner.

i spent the whole afternoon watching black berry babes.

2hrs of my life that i would never get back.

im getting a tablet this weekend. i mean i was given the money for an ipad but im yet to buy it, my mum isnt even encouraging me to buy the ipad. so im stealing hers. by fire by force.

im very excited about my mothers birthday.

i went to church today. and im tired of women bearing the brunt of everything bad.

today at church the pastor clearly pointed out that in the relationship that entails pre-martial sex, women are the fools because women are the ones who
1. get pregnant
2. have to have an abortion
3. may die during the abortion
4. may get thier wombs removed during the abortion.
5. may have to drop out of school if she keeps the child
6. would be the mothers of the bastards.

he didnt use the words bastards but yes that is what he implied. heavily if i may add.

im not a feminist BUT i am tired of women getting the shorter stick of relationship mis-haps.

its just not fair. but hey cest la vie.

my newest obsession is yogurt and fruit. but since i have no fruit. its just yogurt.

i need to stream line my posts more. have a theme and work with it.

but i never ever do that. im a bit too random for that. ive always been a bit too random.

my friends found out her aunt's husband is cheating and wants to leave from her cousin who told her so she could beg her aunt to please forgive his dad.

the good wife in real life. *sigh* that show gets to me. :(((

i'd probably poison my hsuband IF he was an international ashawo.

sadly other people would beg you to stay and manage.
sometimes i wonder which is worse, being married to a man who physically abuses you OR one who is an international ashawo.

like My mum says. Na Church Get woman. because men will run you mad.

they will take and take and take and give nothing but stress in return.

are all men they same?

because a lot of the women i know who are suppposed to be happily married when you dig under the surface they are suffering. its sad.

very very sad. but then you are a woman so shut up and be thankful that someone married you abi?

IF i could ask God one question.

i'd ask.

"what did women do (asides eve offcourse) that you watch this suffering and you refuse to strike the men dead?"

but then he'd probably reply" ask the wives, they dont want thier husbands dead, they love them that way and more often than not willing to forgive and make ammends"

im tired of men messing up jo.

anyways my accounts are sent it, and in all honesty they were quite easy.

ive realised im actually a veryyyy lazy person.

np- mel fiona Somebody come get me

somebody come get me before i kill this man
somebody come get me cus i dont understandhe dont wanna love me.
said he gat a woman down the street

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