Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Update on I met a boy.

So you know the boy
that I actually developed a range for a liked to bits  liked

It's not happening.
And it's so awful how you grow up
and you realize that things won't work
no matter how much like
or potential a thing might have
or perfect vibes

I miss being young and stupid
and making those stupid decisions with my chest
But you gatta learn, you gatta grow
Ignorance is actually bliss.

So I'm thinking do I want to try this friend thing
But you know how you end up being friends with someone
and next thing
Reverse cow girl.

To thine self be true abi how do they say it?

I feel maybe I should try this celibacy thing Fr Fr.
I mean I'm already on course abi?
Let it be deliberate.

I am thankful for T,
for Thursdays and for being
the right type of asshole.

My wax girl from abuja just happens to be in lagos.
Color me dying of excitement abeg.
Body gonna be out here feeling like
the glory of God.

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