The voice

In the last 5 years I have met people and when I open my mouth to speak- they always say " you do not sound like you look"

In the last 3 years, I have had acute  inflamed tonsils.

And I have managed and endured, although I quite like the raspiness of my voice, people off the Internet meet me and say- you don't tweet like you are skinny and tall ( although I have no idea what tall people tweet like) they always also say I sound like I lost my voice.

Fast forward to this holiday, I see my aunt who is a doctor, she hears my voice, she looks into my throat, and declars so flippantly - who told you you have tonsillitis? Girrrrllll you have acute laryngitis.

So in the usual fashion of these things I googled it.

I am not a happy bunny.

For one I have to rest my voice box a lot, especially since I am a tallkerrrrrr.

Anyways I have a doctors appointment.

Another surgery. Another day. We thank God for good health.

I'm sha mad at the lagoon doctors who said I had tonsillitis. Mschewwwwww.


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