Friday, August 24, 2012


When I was 15, I finished Secondary school ( stop trying to do the math- I am legal)

I met this 7-8 year old boy who is my neighbour and we struck up some weird ass friendship.

and I run into him once in a while and say hey and we chat across the street or whatever.

Yesterday while doing my drive of shame home- his dad was driving out of the house

so I parked my car and I was trying to sort myself out so as not to miss my flight to the buj.

So he walked up to me and got my number and watched me walk into my house.

20 mins later he texts me- saying I should call him when I'm leaving so he come say goodbye.

I text him when I arrived that my battery died and he replied>

Let me spare you the details of our bants.

Until I asked how old he was- and he told me.


This is horrible MILF behaviour.

So why do I not feel horrible?

Ps: Do they have charges for  relations with underage people?

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