Monday, July 26, 2010

Outta town stuvinz.

So yes I have been MIA. I have braids, and I'm at ogbomosho. Yes I know, the Diva is in the bush.

Don't bother your pretty little heads, there is no resort here. So no I am not here with the lover. Although last week while I was at osogbo I had d honeymoon suite.
Judge me all u want, but I am a Princess and wat I want I get.

I have suffered people. Suffered. The last week I had a suite to myself, with nobody, and no alcohol. U know the other day I ran into another girls hotel room and found a HUGE dildo. A HUGE PURPLE RABBIT.( Btw I hurd this is a super popular color 4 dildos) And I was judging her. Trust me I had abused her tire. Until I got stuck in the middle of no where. People it is true don't judge some1 till u walk a mile in their shoes. Ahn ahn.

So I came home 4 d weekend. So I don't need the dildo.

But this is the glamorous life I tell you. All of you in lagos think u are living. U lot are suffering WHAT???

I wake up in the morning and I get a phonecall asking how my night went. Then I have an amoured car to take me to work. Did I mention that I arise at 7:15 and still manage 2 get to work by 8am. Yes no traffic people. Cheap Food. And what not. U ppl think u are enjoying in that over crowded city. Here if rain falls, the water drains away instanta, like life here is so quiet. And peaceful and I am treated like a queen. When I get 2 the hotel, I have some1 2 carry my bag.

And I know no one in lagos lives that life so just stop.

It was my home girl Eneni's bday on sunday. Baby I'm sorry I missed it. Blame growing up and having a job. Gosh I need a holiday and soon.

Anyways this week I'm at Ogbomosho. And I didn't work today due 2 robbery scares. I am not pleased I want to leave here by friday Fun soccer turf blah blah is on saturday and I Need to register for school.

This girl is not happy. *sigh*

A very bored Pussy Kat.x

Ps I remembered and brought along a bottle of Red. And No I'm yet to own a dildo. However feel free 2 gimme one. I shall put up a link soonest. That I found one day at one place.

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