Tuesday, July 13, 2010


this weekend was full of new experiences.

this weekend i have a new found respect for mothers, and huge disdain for people with badly behaved kids.

please dont hesitate to bring out the rod if u notice u are breeding a little monster, it is me that suffers for all this.

im sure u are wondering that m goin on about, let me tell you.

so this weekend, i was getting all prepped up for a weekend get away. i even cancelled my hair appointment and stuff. only for my mother to tell me that my cousins were coming for the weekend.

now its just my mum and i at home. my brother just got back but who is going to look after these kids.? so i asked her, i mean when in doubt ask right?


so i asked her oo.. thats how she turned it to vex, that cant she ask me a simple favour. and blah blah blah. i know all this is just her way of punishing me for no grandkids.

anyways so thats how i went to pick 2 of my cousins. and unknown to me my mum invited another 4. so i had 6 kids to look after.

if u know me personally, you will know i am a lazy person.

*in frauline marian voice* so 6 kids whats the big deal about that???

apparently there is a huge deal. children in the age range of 3-13 are possessed. by something called childhood. plus i believe this particular set were dropped on live wires as kids. ahn ahn. talk about hyper active kids.

they were everywhere, even after the piriton syrup i gave them...they even got more hyper, i was like ahn ahn.

my mother now asked ( more like ordered) me to take them out. i asked around and it was either fantasy land, fun factory or toy story 3.

we opted for the movie. even just to get them dressed was so fucking hard. like would kids die if they just sat in one place??

so thats how i carried my 2 klegs and 6 kids ALONE. to the palms. the youngest one couldnt walk so i had 2 back her. yes put her on my back. *sigh* lets just say all my babe sha finished that day.

and in the usual manner of things, i managed to lose one kid, and for an hour i was looking around for him. i was so pissed off. so i called his dad to ask for his number and that one didnt even answer me. hiss.

5 hours after i got home he called me and started screaming that if i found the boy why didnt i tell him. and in my mind im like how about you train your kid to do as he is told?? hissss

anyways after that experience,i concluded that maybe adoption may not be so bad at all. and the kids will be at least 7.yes forget all those Nigerian movies that they potray adopted kids as witches. abeg abeg ahn ahn. i felt myself age.

anyhoos after all that the next day i attended a new church. that held at a bar. yes a bar. i was skeptical too.it was one of those new generation churches that had no dress code. one that everyone there was probably out the night before. you know one of those ones that the indian hair and LV bag sightings were more than i'd see on a club hopping night. and no im not being judgemental. the sermon was brief, it didnt really fell like a church, forever ive been an anglican and i have come to equate church with hymn's and a lot of fan fare. stripping it of that and making it a hangout, i dont know if it sits well with me sha.

the sermon was brief and they served lunch after. but i heared a comment that irked the fuck out of me. we were talking about sexual harrasment, and he said and i quote " what about those that dress provcatively, you sow a seed and it will come back to bite you"

and im thinking is this fucking retard trying to justify the acts of men that force thier younger female coworkers to have sex with them by what the women wear.

i think its also just the need to be controverisal that made him say such a stupid thing. i know women that have had 3 kids and are by no means crisp and have thier bosses trying to have sex with them.

i went to Qc and there were cases of girls that teachers harrased, our uniforms were the most hideous thing and there were men that still tried to harras them.

and then someone else got up and butressed the point and im like " you must be fucking kidding me" someone that is supposed 2 be spirit filled is saying this.. what happned to if ur right eye forces you to sin pluck it out?? abeg abeg. right now i dunt know if i want to go back to that church, but i know for certain that a lot of people have this whole christainity thing very twisted.

i had other new expirences i'd rather not share but yes my weekend was eventful. there are other matters i wanna touch on, but men this post is long enough already as it is. i think? :)
so *raises glass* to new experiences *sips* may they get a lot better.

Ps. pray for me,my tonsils dont want me to swallow. :(


Emosh said...

kids.. it's a love hate relationship.
You're weekend must have benn really emotional!

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

and i mean its cute when they come with thier nannies 4 a few minutes to visit, not when they spend a nite. damn when i get married 3 yrs before i have any kids.. whatt??

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