Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Half year report card.

so ive never done this before but honestly its easier to take stock half way through than at the end then end up feeling depressed. so here is how the 1st half of the year has gone.

ahhh the earlier months were good, but right now baba God and i arent exactly on speaking terms, we had a deal and he kinda let me down. so yes im still mad at him. but im still gratful for all the stuff he does for me. looking back on how far my familia and i have come, i tellyou its only God that coulld have brought us this far. i mean if i had 2 say all the things im thankfulfor, it will be plenty o. i have also started attending the 7:30AM service at church. yes im trying to make amends for all the months of church i missed.

school should not even still be on that title. but yeah it still features o. *sigh* i honestly thought i'd be done by now. i guess God has a reason 4 everything. work is bleh. has been in the last month, but i have owrked 3 different jobs the 1st half of the year and i loved it!!!! like wow i think i learnt so much and it helped in my exams. so i guess i have something 2 be grateful for. personally im still confused about my career path. i mean i am an accountant, and that means i can work anywhere, because u see every corproration needs to count the money they make and ish so there would always be space in every industry, and i think i have too many options. altho im looking at the oil industry now. hopefully i would be able to swing that. but i think i did well career wise i mean no queries and ish :)

ahhhhh ma familia. love love love my mummy. and my brother. my sister not so much. i think im slowly being able 2 grasp the idea that family members must not be friends. besides the bible says there is a frined that sticks closer than a brother. plus honestly i cant be bothered anymore. so yes whatever she does is fine. except moving back home. anyways my baby brothers rship is so amazing like its at an all time high. the mother is amazing i cant have imagined a better mum. so yes that about it .

yes yours truly is off the market and is a one man woman. and has been this way in the last 6 months. late ;last year i had 2 make a choice and i think i made the right choice. yes the other option looks one kain right now. but im happy. very happy. i have someone my best friend, who looks after me asides my mum, in everyway you can think off. i have also learnt to keep our issues to ourselves, in a way it has made us stronger. im in such a happy place. i wish this for all my friends and enemies. i tell you, once u get 2 this place where i am at. you will never settle,:).

Wow. im everyones friend. or at least i was last year. this year i have handpicked who i want to roll with. i mean i dont have a problem being friends with everyone, but i just wanted to find me. sans the friends. and i have, i have been able 2 weed out the people i dont want and preserve those i want too. i dont think i have 2 name names but if u are my friend, im sure u'll know.:) thank you all for putting up with my excesses.

i have been majorly broke this year. WHAT??? i miss uni. gosh wen i was in school i could buy a new book everyweek and my mum wont raise an eyebrow. hmnnn finishing school is a whole differnt ball game entirely. definately serious lifestyle changes. and i have been able to adapt quite nicely. ive saved up a nice sum, and i have taken to lending people money. im considering a nice business deal but im too skeptical and there is no way i am going to put my hard earned money where i have doubts. i want to buy my ticket to spain this year so im really excited about that. and maybe i'll be able to hit that target.i can confidently say i am slowly approaching miss independent status. i mean the last half year i think i paid for gettting my hair done myself. lol. ok thats random but yea, it does feel good to see that i can do stuff for myself. but i still miss pocket money from Uni. damn!

they are too many to list, i am mean. but i am also ridculously nice.
i am ridiculously stubborn. like once my mind is made up it is made up.
i love to argue. and win arguements.
i am rather self obsessed.
i do not believe in 2nd chances.
my mouth is sharp!!!! damn i can cut someone 2 peices and not feel bad.
i think thats it about me.
im too hard on my self.

My skin is clearer, my body more booty-licious, my attitude much better, my relationship with my lovers mother is great. i give my self a B+. because i should have taken off the school in my life. i drive now. people say i am a typical lagos driver. and ive become a tad bit more considerate. i really hope i'll be able to make an A+ end of the year, but these are my expections for the end of the year:

fix my rship with God.
buy my ticket.
attend a wedding with the Lover.
buy my mum a new wallet.
buy 20 new books. ok maybe 10.
do real dreads.
finish with school.
apply to masters school.
make at least 2 new friends. male or female.

so at the end of the year if i could do all that then i'll def give myself an A+

so how did the 1st have of 2010 go for you??

a very expectation filled


Anonymous said...

half year resolutions.yours's quite awesome.your blog'san interesting read.u'll do well.

Nono said...

LOL @ "my sister not so much". You are just silly. Awwwww @ lover hehe!!! I would grade myself too but that'll be like commenting with a blogpost lol. I've given myself a B+ too sha :p

Mz.T said...

This is a really great idea! I'm glad you passed :) I should try this...

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

@Oluremi err yes im not really one to conform. plus the whole year will overwhelm me so i broke it down in half.:)

@Nono blog it jare.. lets see the details. :)

@Mz.T im waiting to see yours as well. and thankies im sure u'll pass too.

Ms.Oreoluwa said...
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