Thursday, July 8, 2010


yes i am pissed off and tired of men.

now today i needed 2 buy a drug urgently so i decided to "walk" and find a pharmacy.

unknown to me that d nearest pharmacy was in wonderland. any ways today rain didnt fall, instead the sun decide to shine with a vengance, needless to say i was sweating like a pig.

so i walk into the shop and im trying to describe the drug to the sales girl when someone walks in behind me.

i am already irritated by the cannan journey and the dim sales girl that is insistent on being slow, only for this "retard" to say hi.

i turn around and say hi. and continue trying 2 explain what i need 2 d sales girl.

the retard then tapped me. like what is wrong with you as you can see im sweaty and shit and u decide 2 tap me. why?? am i owing you money????

anyhoos i said yes can i help you?? this is what this fool said" i just saw u outside and decided to come in and say hi. so i replied " you have said hi" and continued with my battle to try and describe what i need in my limited medical knowledge in my terrible Yoruba.

the retard then taps me agin.

come on guys im sure by now u could have seen i wasnt intrested and left me alone. instead this olodo now said "why are u answering me with a nasty attitude?"

if i didnt restrain myself i would have spat in his face, ( yes i am divalicious like that)

i mean i am clearly not in the mood. so i asked him " what do u want?"

he said i wanted 2 say hi... me exasperated" but you have already said hi now, what else do you want?"

and thats how this stupid fool started ranting that he just saw me and wanted to say hi and that i used 2 work at his former place of work and blah blah blah..

and im like huh?? i just hissed and faced the girl 2 continue my drama and thats how the retard walked out.

the sales girl now thot it nice 2 say" aunty dont mind them thats how they used to behave, trying to use style to tast girls"

thank you captain obvious.

now men explain to me how i worked in the firm u worked at for 3 months last year. i quit in sept, got something else and ive been here since december last year. and i am supposed to be glad to see you.

i do not fucking know you, and quite honestly i dont know how u remembered me, because all the while i was at my former place i did not even know you exsisted.

so you saying you used 2 work with me as a leverage for trying to toast me is totally stupid. seriously not only is it stupid you are going to end up looking stupid.

did i mention that all the while i worked there i never saw thisretard or even in passing. so what was wrong with him.

i get that men are not smiling and all that its 2010 but please please i take God beg you carry you non-smiling face to someone that gives a rat ass ok. i am not that some one.

by the way i am really good with faces and i didnt recognize him so i knew the fucktard was lying. ui think that is what put me off the most. hissssssss.

ok and what is it with twitter becoming a platform for subliminal messages?? like i totally do not get it, but im sure if i had a case 2 pick with someone i'll make it very clear. i wont go around talking smack abi tweeting smack. then these same people will go there insult thier mothers there and be chanting "twitter is not that serious" it obviously is to you #ho"sitdown

and all those shitty disclaimers, are just too stupid. gosh.

a very wound up


and yes yesterday was fantabulous!!!! thank you AIC. shout out to all my friends that just got in.. im sorry im missing out friday night. lol. have fun for us all.

by the way i miss womilee.:(


Ms Simon said...

Woah! You're really pissed!
Something similar happened to me, some old guy was following me around in shoprite. I was so freaked out, I left without even buying what I wanted, u can't believe that this geezer followed me outside, talking to me by force! when i finally asked him wtf he wanted, he said he wanted to be my friend.
I was 18 @ the time, and this man looked older than my father. enough said!

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

its so freaking annoying. because they'll say whats wrong with wanting 2 say hi, you have said it go.. noooo they will be there. please a little self-respect wont be bad, at alls. ahn ahn. after they'll say im a rude girl *cue music: rihanna's rude boy* lolz.

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