Friday, June 25, 2010


whenever i hear people say i feel so different, i always want to ask, are any two people alike?

im very different from every one else i know, and ive come to accept me like that, and everyone else accepts me that way too. i think i owe that to Queeens College.

you see, in primary school, i was painfully shy, i was differnet, my parents were seprated, my mother used to work full time, so my grand ma used 2 attend my open days and all that, i never bought any off those things they sokd during open days, i didnt participate in any exta expensive curicular activity.

in a way, i still have that mentality, about neccesity.

anyways on getting to Qc it was a differnt ball game. i made friends, found christ, lost him, found him again, lost a boyfriend, was betrayed and what not. but im ever thankful, you see Qc gave me the ability to be comfotable in my own skin and celebrate my difference.

i had terrible terrible terrible pimples when i was in Qc, and i cried and cried, until one day i just stopped. i realised that my friends didnt think i was ugly, some girl (Anthonia she was in V) thought i was the prettiest girl in my set. WOW.

i dont know how to explain it, but when u see a Qc girl you see what im talking about,the word isnt swag, i cant find th word to describe what it is about every Qc girl but its there.

i know a Qc girl when i see one, for one she always has friends she made from there. honestly speaking if i lost all my friends from uni i may not be bothered, but before i let go of a Qc friend, wow. i dont even think i can do that.

odd thing is that everyone recognizes it too, that qc factor. they see me and say, oh u went to Qc abi? No wonder.

no one is going to come out and tell me how much they admire the fact that i can stand up for myself, or the fact that i am so confident enough to do me or whatever, but i dont need anyone to tell me that, i got all that from Qc.

i really cant explain this, but my daughters are most def attending qc, even if its just 4 the 1st three years. dear future husband... take note.

i just had 2 put that out there. my friend from Qc's sister is getting married. yayyy!!!
its 1:35 am, i should be in bed, the mother is having another party again, 2mao. and yours truly is dress-less.

dear tailor, abeg sew my cloth before 2mao ooooooo abi today?

and womilee is now on twitter, gosh some people are just groupies sha.

and am i the only one that thinks its super funny when i see people are no longer in a relationship on facebook?

i know i cant be the only one. anyways if i am.. hahahahahahahah i think its so funny, how stupid can you get.

and i just realised how fleeting life is. the Lover fell sick on tue and is still sick.
now this may not be such a biggie, but this is someone ive known for almost 4 years and he has never been sick, not to talk of bed ridden sick. ish is scary as hell. he keeps taunting me, with death, i am scared.

i would never tell him im scared, but i am. very scared. i pray nothing happens to him. i hope he gets better soon. i really am not having fun being the mature one. i love being spoilt, and him being sick means i wont get spoilt, which means i would be grouchy, which alos means.. whatever but you sha get the chain reaction.

in totally unrelated news, all my life i have been skinny. like super skinny, now im huge. but dont get it twisted, i LOVE IT!!!! my behind is like a size 12. fabuluex.

so since im finally coming 2 terms with my body, i decide to tone, u know use the gym, not get any extra weight on and stuff. thats how i carried my 2 k legs to d gym.

apparently to lose tummy fat you must lose overall body weight. *gasps*
*waving* bye size 12 behind, it was fun while i owned you.

i still have a cute tooshie tho. at least thats what i have been told.

so bottomline is love yourself, no matter how diagonally parked u feel in a parallel world, there is only one you. so fuck everyone else and live your life jare.

ok quick before i round up, i just saw "baby boy" with tyrese and taraji 4 d 1st time ever. judge me all u want. ehn i know i am late. but that movie is AMAZIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG?!!!! i just thought i should share that oh so important peice of information.

and drat this damn weave, i cant enter rain and dance, i need hair net and shower cap and tinz and d lovers.:( this is not gonna werk.

a very self-absorbed

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