Thursday, June 17, 2010

how do i kill my boss??

And no not my darling AIC who just got back from leave,or my manager who gave me work like it was going outta fashion. BUT.

my employers, the firm as an entity. i hate it. well hate is such a strong word, i detest it. because i am dormant. honest. i can feel myself wasting away. i feel like that aregentine goal keeper during that game with Nigeria. Bored.

and i am restless so being bored kills me. slowly BUT surely.

anyways yesterday i witnessed woman hate on hate on viciously. and i think i know why.
so my co-worker and i were leaving at 4:58pm when closing time is by 5:00. i know you are thinking why not wait till 5pm. i mean you are almost there. well i was bored outta my mind.

then a co-worker accosted me. male. the convo went sthg like this.

CoW: so where are you going?
P: Home.
CoW: but its just 4:57. *shows me his phone*
P: by my time its 4:59.* show him my watch AND phone*
he says ok. shrugs and lets me off the hook.

please realise that CoW= co-worker. altho cow has a nice ring to it.

two steps later.
female voice: where DO you think you are going?
turns around and sees an actual cow.
cow: is it 5 yet?, is that what ur time is saying? what time did you come to work today? did you come by 8am?
P: yes it is 5pm by my watch. what does your own time say?
cow: you ARE very stupid.
P: blank stare.
cow: blah blah blah can go.
i walked out.

the real cow is a woman. notice how different the man handled the situation?? although it could be coupled with the fact that 2hours earlier the man leaNED into me to tell me im very sexy.

i have no idea what upset the cow, maybe she was on her period, maybe she was PMS-ing. i dunno, i dont care, what i know is that, she shouldnt have stated that i was stupid. maybe she should have asked. that way i would have replied her no im not stupid, then she would have reason to be mad.

this is the culture of my workplace.

putting this out of my mind, i get to my car and i see a livid. WTH???? so i dont even qualify for parking security, despite the fact that i dropped my car keys down stairs?????

i made a mental note to scream at the security man. ( women like me, have the special gift of storing anger over night.. it may not be healthy but its effective in managing problems like this)

so i hit the gym and blah blah blah.

today i came to work early by 8:10, and i wasnt mad, its my mothers birthday and somehow i didnt store the was a really happy moment at home, it would take a really Mad Angry Black woman to keep anger thru a birthday. anyways so i casually ask the security man,
P: ehn oga abeg o, una no dey look my car?
SM: ahn aunty when u parking outside, there isnt security to look your car.
** notice how i spoke pidgin to him, and he replied in bastard english**
P: wait oo. so nobody dey look my car because i park for outside?
SM: aunty na so the office talk.
** when i get mad, i enter full english, with phonee sef**
P: so mean to tell me that because i am not parked inside the building, no one will watch my car??
*walks off* more like stormed off, but the strain in my right knee from the gym last night, made it i limped off

so i asked another security man and lo and behold he wasnt joking. my office that doesnt present the option of a staff buss for its staff wont look after the cars that are parked outside the building. even though the parking lot that the office provides can barely cater to a third of the number of staff that actually have cars and drive them to work.

now you maybe thinking, i expect too much from my employers and rightfully so. i have worked at about 5 different places ( all different industries)and this is the 1st im seeing with this little regard for thier employees. its disgusting.

but because the economy is bad, and what not we are forced to deal with these smelly working conditions.

now i could have mouthed off at the cow, BUT, i'll tell you what stopped me.
NOT the fact that i cant be fired: because i am a corper.
NOT the fact that she was older than me: because face it, dat has nothing to do with the issue at hand, if you are old and you fuck up it can be treated.
NOT because it really wasnt her business and the other man had already let us go

but because i felt sorry for her.
her life is probably shit, she probably isnt married and is waiting on the world and is miserable and is stuck at a rot in her life.blah blah blah.. and just needed 2 hate a little.

she could be married to a womanizer whose new latest mistress looked just like me. long legs and all. tres sexy.

she could just have been throwing her weight around,trying to clip the wings of two corpers, who were tried of doing nothing. ie, being a bitch.

but i just looked at her. slapping her in my mind over and over and over till i heard you can go .

ladies and men. ( no man is gentle) the mind is such a poweful thing use it.

and seeing as i didnt react, i felt stronger, more powerful than her.

it seems that there could be some truth in the statement afterall" silence is the best answer for a fool"

i still maintain that she shouldnt have insulted me. but since she did, that is her cross to bear, not mine.

but really my working conditions are terrible and i AM grateful to have a job, dont get me wrong. i am just not gratful about how i am being treated. and no im not going to complain. beacuse around here, things are not done that way.

**double sigh**
and to think i was happy coming to work here.

A very Upset

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