Tuesday, June 8, 2010



This isnt about you, or you.. and i know you think its about you and the next thing you are gonna hit me up on BBM and start aring your views. drop a comment if its that serious. HOWEVER, this post is about YOU and YOU and I both KNOW its you because you read this ish religiously like your bible, even though you lie about it.
any ways its about YOU.

i am picky. all sorts of picky. everyone knows this. im so picky its ridiculous.

i mean, i could drop a friend for cancelling on me.. even if it is to spend time with her beau who has been outta town for 4 years and just got back and blah blah blah. even though i'd do it without thinking twice.( i already said i was ridiculous at it )

but i am even more picky about new friends. i am not an advocate of woman on woman hate, but with some women, it just just advisable not not get sucked in. flee, friendship is optional.seriously.

yes you must have guessed this is a post about WOMEN!!!
Yesterday i went to see my friend's cousin. who said she had gist for me.

When a girl has gist for you. its one of two things... a man got her something and she wants you to be happy for her *rolls eyes* OR someone was trying to steal her man, and she caught the girl.

anyways so i asked her 4 the gist.. and true to my word, someone was trying to steal her cousins man. *rolls eyes*

i do not feel bad for girls that sleep with married men and then thier friends now try to snipe the men from them. nahhhh, you lot deserve it.

but by the time this babe finished giving me the gist i was like O_O. and i had nothing to say. if you know me personally...I ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.

anyways the friend stole her"boyfriends" number from the phone and started calling the said "boyfriend". the man owner got suspicious and strated snooping. found her friends number and turned into a scientist. asking questions. said boyfriend... obviously shifted the blame to the other girl. said she stole the number and started calling the him and what not. notice how he didnt tell the friend not to call him again, because he had a girlfriend, instead he invited her to oriental hotel. *gasp*

said friend confronted that girl, who said yes she did it, but it was the devil.

best part is.. they are still friends.

i told you i do not suport woman on woman hate.

i cant even begin to wrap my mind around how these people know each other. but as they say" to each his own"

so to YOU my female friend, who has had gist for me and it wasnt concerning a man. thank you.

to YOU who i called and cried after my secomd paper because i was scared and had no 1 elseto call. thank you.

to YOU who trusted my judgement and allowed me to take you shopping. thank you

to YOU who i sent my picture to on BBM and you said " Bitch get ur ass to the gym< looking like me". thank you.

to YOU who does Aristo and you have never asked me to follow you to see "him". thank you, because that would have destroyed our relationship.

to YOU who sat behind me all the way from JS2 till SS3 and we had shared too much. thank you.

to YOU who i know wants what i have so bad, but can still smile and be happy for me. thank you. you are a friend.

but to you who keeps harping about some random boy and stressing me. no thanks to you, my patience is wearing thin.

yes you know who you are.

and OMG SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY "CHUNKY" FRIENDS. i was at the gym yesterday. my body hurts allover and you inspire me to keep going back. hahahah.



mrwiseone said...

wonderful. im tempted to count the yous. interesting read. moving on.

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

go ahead and count now. lol.i have good friends and im not letting them go any time soon. :P


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