Monday, June 7, 2010

my visit to Babcock.

with all due respect, that school is in shambles.and is a hot mess.

i think i havent seen a greater gathering on "not so attractive girls".

i also got all the boys i met there to agree with me. the girls that attend that university did not try... at all.

and i have a couple of friends there, those are the only fine serious..

and then the students there are delusional.. they actually think thier university is better than Covenant.

i have no idea where they got that from. oh well they are allowed to dream.

and the school isnt pretty to look at.

thats all i took away from there.

congrats to all my babies that graduated:
Ogo. Ope. Wandi. Aisha. Inem. Favour.
welcome to the real world. hope you can cope!!

and OMG i hope the women in brazil will still have hair by xmas.. ahn ahn. 20 outta 10 girls there had the said " brazilain hair" in two plaits down thier sides. i blame pocahontas for this nonsense fad. abeg the next thing they will be saying they have blue eyes.

any ways bottom line. comparing babcock to Covenant is like comparing Lasu to unilag. and we all know you rather attend unilag that babcock...

all in all. it was fun, girls, free foood, free drinks. if you are an awoof lover.

anyways after seein a couple of my friends parents. who remebered me skinny, i knew for a fact that i had to hit the gym.

and so as i blog this... my gym stuff are in my car. off course im wearing tights and a vest. hopefully i wont giggle everywhere.

contemplating doing a mon, wed and saturday movement.

all i want is a flat tummy. and skinnier arms.. the size 12 behind is nice. that i like. i want everything else size 8.

and i found me a new tailor!!!! you must know my love for ankara by now... so yes hopefully she doesnt screw up and she is costing me quite a lot but *shrugs* nothing makes me happier than a properly sewn dress. :P

ok one more thing.. my cousin just started blogging. and he is soo good at it, it hurts, but since its all love between us here is the link:

thank me later.
songs im really feeling atm: as we enter and under tow. nas &DM and timberland, esthero and the fray.

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Nono said...

LMFAO!!! I weep 4 Brazil a lot mehn!!! I refuse to join th brazilian hair team plus the price is just ridiculous. Babcock was dat bad huh?? Lol n I dissed covenant when I went 4 my cuz's matriculation :p. I don't wanna see Babcock den. I LOVED ur cuz's blog. :)

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