Thursday, June 24, 2010

na wa.

this is not a rant, i promise.

so why is it that men have been chasing me left right and center of late. make that chasing, fervently pursuing. ahn ahn im not the only girl in lagos, neither am i single. apparently thats all i need.

contrary to popular belief, i wont ever call myself pretty, thats for all the boys and girls that think so . so why the hell are all these boys hunting me down.

and tossing the M word around?

listen ( i know u dont read this blog thats why im even purging on it)

anyhoos i do not want to marry you.

i cant speak any other language so this is me making it as clear as possible. no i do not want to marry you.

i know u are wondering what this is about so lemmie make this clear.

last nite in my state of boredorm, i logged on to facebook. ehn ooo i know i was bored. so that is how i met Zer online.

now i have been avoiding his calls and not replying his messages and what not and all that. so he saw me online and "hola'ed"

in order no 2 be rude i replied. actually because i didnt know if the chat was like bbm thts shows d and r so thats y i honestly reponded.

anyhoos the convo went sthg like this.

Z: hey boo
P: wats up?
Z: baby, where u been at? been calling you and it keeps saying ur phone is off and i messaged u on fbook.
P: err yes my phone is bad, and i dont wanna fix it because i wanna get the iphone.
(if u wanna throw a boy away fastttt, tell him u want to buy sthg)
Z:oh ok, what about the message.
P: my BB service went off so i avent been able 2 access it.
z:oh shit!
P:oh shit what??
Z: ur phone. thats off.
P: oh ok..
Z: when am i gonna see you? i cant wait to hold you. come spend the night on friday night
p:huh?? where?
Z: in my house?
( i dont think he realised i was being sarcastic when i asked where)
P: oh im gonna be working saturday.
Z: oh thats not a problem, you can leave from here. i really miss you.

(now, i never bother telling any of my toasters that i have a man, that just seems to fuel thier persistence, i'd rather just be too busy to hang) but this but getting outta i pulled that card.

P: oh you know, i dont think my man would like that at alls.
Z:oh i got you something.
* he totally ignored that statement*
P: what ?
Z: a purse.
P: what kind of purse?
Z: ok lemmie confess i wanna propose to you.
( like dude...seriously?? get the fuck off here)
P:so u didnt buy me a purse?
z: i brought you something even more special.
Z: the ring my dad gave my mom.
( at this point i had had enough of thise madness)
P: ok so ive got work 2moro i need to sleep. good night.
and i viciouslu slammed my laptop shut.

like what the fucking hell is up with that?. the other day i ran into someone who knew Zer's cousin, she recognized me because apparently he has been telling her all about me. turns out he told her we are engaged.

and this people, is how you find your self off the market without even knowing it.

it is 2010 indeed and boys are not smiling.

but seriously who the fuck does shit like that? goes around telling people that we are engaged?? like seriously? delusional Much????

sad. really sad.

not withstanding i have other problems. well not problems per say, more like set backs.

well now im sure i wont get an 8 week holiday this year.
* waving* bye vacation.

im also sure i would be spending my birthday athome studying
*waving* bye table dancing with the girls.

i also wont be visiting fregene as a surprise in paris this year.
*waving* damn and that would have been uber super duper cute.

i mean i could go on and on being sad, but im thankful, in a way, i havent figured out the way im thankful yet, but i guess i am thankful.

damn i envy all the batch B corpers. although i heard from next month, our allownace would be increased from N9,750 and that is per month to N20,000. hopefully.

ive taken out my dreads, and i think i wanna get a weave. speaking of weaves.

you know what. im not even gonna rant about this, surely i have put that incident behind me. (someone tried to get me 2 buy hair and said only the most stupid things that pissed me the fuck off)

on second thought, maybe i should. you know what i will.

why doesnt anyone believe when i tell them, i cannot afford stuff. why do they hear " i dont wanna buy?"

asides the fact that i am very money concious, i hate to ask people for money, like my mum or the Man or an uncle or aunt, if i could i wont be living at home. damn i have a job. so i have priorities and sadly these priorites do not include human hair that costs N70,000.

yes people actually buy hair at that price, now im not saying its wrong, i mean if u are all for starving to have someone elses hair on your head why not. but im not. since i respect your life style choices, why wont you respect mine??

ehn.. imagine this girl asking mt to ask my mother for money to buy hair?????

i dont know about you but its fucking absurd.
you know contary to what u may have heard about me or my mother, it isnt true, there is no tree in my compound that we pluck N1000 notes from daily.

there really isnt. now im not going to come here and say i dont like the hair, i mean its cute dont get me wrong, but i cannot afford it.

do you want me to list the opportunity cost of N70000 in a month for you??

so said sales girl said i shu=ould ask my SO. now thats just wrong so i said i cant ask him.

and she said and i quote" why didnt you use your persuasion,?"

i really dont understand human beings. i should persuade somebody else to give me N70000 to buy hair that really isnt that important to me???

did i miss something growing up??

so why are people acting like im mad because i ahve refused to shell outN70,000 of my savings to buy hair.

im sorry but its not just me. i felt so insulted. and i ahvent spoken to said friend since. im probably not going to say anything, but if she should upset me again, im defeinatley going to call her out, because yours truly is not looking for friends that are liablites.

so ok i ranted. big deal, sue me.

a very pissed off.

ps: if u have a problem with me, odds are you have my number, call me, dont run off and report me to a mutual friend, that is all kinds of low. and its shit like that, that makes me not want to talk to you anymore. hisssssssssssssssssssssss

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Emosh said...

I can totally relate to the first half of this post.
It's 2010, boys are really not smiling!

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